How much Money does Psy made from his GANGNAM Style video

Everyone knows that Gangnam style video on youtube is the most viewed youtube video ever in the history of youtube. With more than 2 billion views as of 2014 it beats its nearest competitor Justin Bieber “Baby” video by 1 billion views. Some people don’t understand why this video is so popular. In order to understand… Read More »

The chinese version of Global sites

China has always tried to create a walled internet. An internet made by china and used by china. Language is the biggest reason being other factors like huge population having similar interests residing together. Also the population of china is so huge (Note that 36% of world population lives in china), the sites imitating the… Read More »

Forget finding lost phones, Now find anything with Tile

Everyone know how to find where they kept there Phone. Its simple, just call your phone with your friend’s phone and the ringtone will guide you to the edge of sofa or below the pillows or whatever weird places it slipped in. I always thought that it would have been great if i could call… Read More »

How Dong Nguyen abandoned $50k per day

Normally dotcom stories are heard from the valleys of sillicon valley. We always hear news how a young passed out grad from stanford founded something and some Bigger fishes in the industry poured their extra cash in his overvalued venture. Every day someone from USA etc. are building fortunes. But when someone from a third… Read More »

Why india need to abolish all kind of indirect taxes?

Albert Einstein once quoted “The Hardest Thing in the World to Understand is Income Taxes”.  True, but in india our lawmakers chose to adding complexity to this process by introducing a new kind of tax each and every year. There are two kind of taxes in india, direct and indirect. Direct taxes are income tax… Read More »