OMG! Android Peeing on Apple logo on Google Maps

Its Official ! The people at Google / Android are really pissed at apple. If you want a proof. here is the  link. While searching through some place in Rawalpindi someone spotted a clear android logo taking revenge from apple And that too in the most natural ways known.     You can also see this… Read More »

How to use Chrome and Mozilla as Notepad

  Have you given a thought about it the time spent between browser and os. Well in my case its 80:20. 80% of the time i am looking through the window of the internet and rarely i return back to the PC for some work. Thats why chrome day by day increased its potential and… Read More »

How to run Android apps on Google Chrome on Your PC

Android apps are a big thing nowadays with more than 1.5 million apps running on mobile devices acroos the world are taking internet and technology to a next level. But wont it be cool if uou can use these android apps on your PC also. Now Google allows that to you. So if you have… Read More »

Where to find Most shared content on facebook and twitter

Facebook, twitter and Youtube always try to show you up viral stuff on your dashboard. The mechanism may be different , for example Facebook shows you the most shared content in the network of your friends. Similar is the case with youtube, it also filter content based on interest. But what about your intentions to… Read More »

Top fiverr users and their earnings

Earning money online is a tricky business. When you stumble upon any way to get rich online, it seems very easy at first and you start day dreaming and making plans about being free from your full time job. But eventually you realize that the process was not easy and the success icons which you seen making… Read More »