Top 22 Best Android Hacking Apps for Android Phones

Who could ever imagine that your smartphone can easily turn into a little hacking tool with the help of an app ? Yes, hacking and pen testing is not just limited to desktops and laptops. The hacking feature not only attracts the regular mobile phone users, but also appeals to the tech geeks equally. They simply love to experiment with the unrestricted features (limited though) and that lets them perform various tasks using the features. So, if you have an Android phone or tablet you can unlock certain blocked features easily using certain apps. Some of the techies have even unblocked certain features of Android that are blocked by the owners, Google itself.

There are many android hacking apps available out there that can be used on your Android mobile phones and tablets to unlock certain restricted features that are blocked by the manufacturer and that allows you to access administration type tasks. However, this does not mean that using these apps you can unlock all restricted features. Yes, but you will still be able to use many wonderful options that are otherwise not available to use by the regular mobile phone users.

However, with the rise of Cyber hackers, there are many security issues that are cropping up too. So, not going the unethical way today we will let you know about the best free android hacking apps for the ethical tech geeks, honest hackers, and security testers.


If you want to remotely administer an Android device you can use Androrat eyes closed. It’s a client/server application built for the client end and in Java/Swing for the Server end. This free application is designed to give remote access to the Android operating system to all and help them dig out certain information.

There are several fantastic features of AndroRat that keep us asking more like, extracting all messages, keeping a watch on all received messages, retrieve the contact details, call logs, opening an URL in the preferred browser, vibrating the mobile phone, clicking a picture using the camera, checking location with GPS, placing a call and much more.



If you are a Cyber security staff, an honest hacker, IT administrator or a penetration tester, Hackode is just what you need. This application allows you to hack the android platform and perform different tasks like scanning performing exploits, reconnaissance and more. Hackode features different tools like, Google Dorks, Scanning, DNS Lookup, Exploits, Google Hacking, Ping, IP, Security RSS Feed, Whois, etc., which you can use to perform the tasks mentioned above. The site says that the application is still in testing version and they are soon to release the full version with advanced features and utilities.


Whatsapp Sniffer

Are you an avid Whatsapp user? Then Whatsapp can be even more fun with this amazing android hacking tool that lets you hack pictures, audios, videos and even private chats of your buddies who use your WiFi hotspot. As long as you know the phone number, it will simply authenticate the phone number and get the IMEI of the phone. Once this process is completed WQhatsapp sniffer logs you in with these details and now you can see the conversations of the other phone real time! Best of all, the tool is free and portable hence, it does not need to be installed.

You can simply download the app and launch the software. Whatsapp Sniffer is an extremely user-friendly app targeted for all users. Additionally, you don’t need to convert the chat format as it is in txt, pdf and xcl format already. The application is available in all countries so, you can happily spy wherever you are. Make sure to turn off the antivirus before you use this app as it gets detected easily.

WiFi Kill

Are you facing issues with your WiFi connection speed? There can be many reasons behind this including the network bandwidth or the distance of your device from the WiFi signal, but the number of devices connected also slows down the speed. While you cannot change the bandwidth or the network speed, you can certainly limit the number of devices using your WiFi network by disabling their internet connection by using WiFi Kill.

Only ensure that you are connected to this application so that you can easily disconnect other users from the WiFi network. WiFi Kill Pro features an extremely simple user interface and is a lightweight application. The fact that is easy to navigate makes it easy to be used by any user, even if he is a beginner.

Download Wifi Kill APK

APK Inspector

If you are an analyst or a reverse engineer, chances are that you would need a powerful Android hacking utility like APK Inspector for your assistance. This tool helps them to get a clear picture of the assembled Android packages and their analogous DEX code. So in short, you can reverse engineer any Android application that is, extract the android app source code and then edit the same to eliminate the license and credits. The analysts can easily get a deep look into the malicious apps using the analysis and graphic functions. The tools that they can use are, Dalvik codes, Call graph, Java codes, CFG, Static instrumentation, APK information, Permission analysis and Small codes.

Download APK Inspector


With the free version of Eviloperator you can make calls to even strangers. But, if you are a token user you can even change the caller id according to your preference. What’s more, as you can also connect two friends in a phone call making them wonder who called whom? Moreover, you can also record the share the recorder stuff with your buddies.

The free version offers you one call free per day, however, if you upgrade to the premium version there are no time limits, can check the prank history and send from blocked numbers also.

Download Evil Operator


If you want a compelling analysis of the Android applications, there are very competitive options like DroidBox. Once the analysis gets over, you can see the results like circumvented permissions, read and write permissions for files, network data for incoming or outgoing calls and messages, hashes for the evaluated package, indexing broadcast receivers, performing cryptographic tasks with the help of Android API and many such other results.

Moreover, you can see two images set up that envisions the nature of the package. One of the images show the physical alignment of the operations, while the other (treemap) enables you to check the correlation between the evaluated packages



AnDOSid is a DOS utility for android phones and tablets. Designed only for security personnel, it lets you replicate a dos attack on websites or web servers using your Android based devices. The tool tags posts with two uncommon numbers which connects with the Android phone or tablet you have been using and that sent the request.

The security personnel uses this application to replicate a DOS attack and also a DDoS on a web server from the mobile phone devices. Even though it was initially launched as a stress testing tool, it is so powerful now that it can even take down a web server. But, not misusing this android hacking tool, we should rather keep it as a tool for the security professionals only.


Burp Suite

Security testing of web applications has never been so easier, till we knew the Burp Suite which is an integrated platform to carry out the function. It offers several utilities that function smoothly together to help carry out the entire testing process. From the fundamental mapping and evaluation of a program’s attack surface to searching and utilizing security accountabilities.

This android hacking tool lets you be in full charge to incorporate advanced manual processes with avant-garde automation. This enables you to work faster with more potency and adds more fun to it.



If you have a account, you can use it to make calls with the help of your Caller ID number of your preference. However, the only thing here is that you need SpoofCards which you have to buy separately. Change your voice using the voice changer or record the entire spoof call conversation it’s up to you how you want to use it. That’s not all, as you are in for a surprise when you install this Android hacking app for the first time with a free 5 minute SpoofCard gifted to you!

Some of the other benefits of the SpoofApp offers are that it’s extremely useful, works on all Android phones and tablets, requires no root, there’s no ban on the software, lets you download the conversation that you record and comes with no virus at all.



Looking for a powerful Android hacking app? Look no more as you have one of the best and most comprehensive network diagnostic utility, zAnti that facilitates complex audits infiltrations tests with just the push of a button. It offers nearby all security tools that are needed to hack any WiFi network. This hacking application offers cloud-based reporting that helps you hack the android device with simple instructions to ensure total safety of the network. zAnti is especially developed for security professionals so that they can check the network safety. It’s an extremely easy to use mobile utility that allows the IT Security personnel to simulate a state-of-the-art attacker to diagnose the malicious techniques used by some to exploit the corporate network.



Facesniff is an Android app that lets you spy on other’s Facebook Id and password over the same WiFi network. It can hack Facebook login details only when your Wifi is not using EAP, however, it works great on any private network like WEP, WPA2-PSK, Open or WPA-PSK. This amazing little tool allows you to capture the Facebook email address and password of the other user connected to the same network.

It comes loaded with features and not only for the Facebook, but also helps you captures the Ids and the passwords of other social networking accounts like, Twitter, Amazon, Blogger, Tumblr and more. While there is a paid version available, there are also many cracked versions available online.


Penetrate Pro

Penetrate Pro helps decode a WiFi network that is, it is used to calculate WPA/WEP keys for some routers. What’s interesting is that this Android hacking app uses security permissions to hijack a mobile, hence some antivirus programs may detect is a virus. The latest version supports routers like DLink, Telecom, Eircom, SkyV1, Thomson, Orange, Infinitum, Infostrada and much more.



Developed by AppSec Labs, AppUse is a Virtual Machine and an uncommon platform that helps you to test mobile application security supported by Android OS. That’s not all, as it also features personalized tools created by the manufacturer. It’s an amazing security testing option for the security professionals that helps them carry out security tests on Android applications effortlessly.

The best part is that neither do you need to install simulators and testing utilities, nor fo you need SSL certificates of the proxy software as all those are pre-installed and adjusted for an optimal user experience. You simply need to download AppUse, enable it and load your application.


Droid Sheep

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you can easily download Droid Sheep on your device and can be used by anybody. The web service provider alone can help protect the users. It enables users to analyze security for wireless networks and helps capture information for social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other similar accounts. The manufacturer warns of its use in public networks and against hijacking personal accounts.



Track hidden WiFi in your locality with inSSIDer. This android hacking app helps you to view discreet SSID WiFi signal and also helps track low bandwidth WiFi network in your locality. This smart application even finds those WiFi signals in your area and displays it on your phone which has been hidden by an expert WiFi admin. Not only does it easily picks up those hidden WiFi signals, but also lets you see plenty of information related to it.



Assess your network security with the help of dSploit on mobile phones. It is a hacking tool for Android that helps IT security professionals to analyze their network and penetrate the application to assess the mobile phones network security with its all in one network evaluation abilities. It is a complete utility that helps them to carry out different types of hack attacks like, sniffing passwords, manipulating real-time traffic and more.

So, download this free and advanced Android hacking tool on your Android phone or tablet and carry out network security tests effortlessly.



Originally developed by Dung Song as a component of sniff package, Arpspoof is a tool that enables the hack attackers to send Adress Resolution Protocol (ARP) notifications to a local area network. The chief aim here is to connect the Mac address of the hijacker with the IP address of a different host. This helps any traffic meant for IP address of the host to be diverted to the hijacker instead.

This application may let the hijacker prevent to change the traffic, stop the entire traffic or prevent any data frames on a network. Mostly the attack is used as an opportunity for other similar attacks like service denial, session hijacking, and others. The hack attack is only meant for networks using ARP and is restricted to local network divisions.



SSHDroid is an SSH server tool for Android that allows you to connect to your Android device from a computer and run commands such as, terminal or ADB shell or modify files using Cyberduck, SFTP, etc. So, if you are connecting with a remote computer SSH or the Secure Shell which is the best protocol, helps provide an additional layer of protection.

If you want to avail of the advanced features, you need to upgrade to the Pro version. It offers shared-key validation, automation with the support of intents, comprehensive message controls, WiFi auto launch whitelist, widgets for home screen and lock screen, and the best part is that it is totally free of ads. Based on which platform you use SSHDroid on that is, Windows, Linux, or Mac.



If you are looking to hack websites on other person’s computer, Droidsqli can be a really helpful tool for the android hackers. It basically lets you begin SQL injection attacks on a specific URL that is; you can easily hijack websites using this app and SQ li technique. That’s not all as you can also hack the admin user ID and the password for the website.

You do not need to be a technology expert to use this app as this is completely automated. Just look for a URL that’s sensitive to attacks, place the “Targeted URL” and then press the option that says “Inject”, and you are all set to go!


Nmap for Android

Network Mapper or better known as Nmap is one of the well-known network security scanner available for android supported devices. It is undoubtedly one of the best hacking tools for Android in the category which was chiefly designed for Unix operating system, but now available for Windows and Android OS platforms too. What we like is that once it completes the scan you can email the results.

It is not an official app, but it still works best for professionals who want to explore the network. Although it works both for rooted and non-rooted mobile phones, it works better if your Android phone is rooted in order for you to be able to access additional features.