Change default search from Bing to Google in Windows 10

Windows 10 have set Bing as their default search engine when anyone search for something in their taskbar. Now, there is not any settings which you can change so that to change it to famous search engine google. Enforcing their own propriety search engine is widely criticized on social media and people are trying to find a way out to change the default windows 10 taskbar search to google.

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Now, when you search anything in your taskbar.




The search results are being displayed by Bing search as shown below.




How to change the default search engine in windows 10 taskbar search

Method 1 Via Firefox: – 


Step 1 – Open mozilla firefox browser and then click the horizontal lines menu situated in the top right corner of the firefox window. In the menu which pops out, click on options.



Step 2 – In the next screen which appears choose search from the left menu. Then make sure google is the default search engine listed in firefox there. If google is not the default here, just choose google from the dropdown an select it.

Also, check the checkbox stating that use this search engine for searches from windows.




Bingo! Now all your searches on windows 10 taskbar will open in mozilla and answered by google inc. This is the most easy method change all windows 10 search from bing to google or any other search engine. Even if you change it to duckduckgo or yahoo, this method will change your windows pc default search to that. As, you had made firefox as the default search, once firefox opens, what happens inside this browser can not be controlled by Operating system.

Note: – You must have the latest version of Mozilla version 40 installed on your system. If you have mozilla make sure its updated to the most recent version.

Method 2 Via Chrome: – 

If chrome is not installed in your PC, first of all download and install chrome. Once it gets installed, follow steps illustrated below.

Step 1 – Open settings in windows 10. For opening settings click on start menu and then click on settings. Alternatively, just press windows key + i to open settings pane directly.

Step 2 – Click on system icon in the top left as shown below.





Step 3 – Now click on default apps from the left menu situated in the bottom of the menu as shown in the screenshot below. Now, click on microsoft edge browser icon situated in the right side. A list of browser present in your windows 10 computer will open. Just click on chrome to set it as the default browser.




Step 4 – Now, download bing2google extension from chrome web store.



You are done! Now go on and search anything in the taskbar. The search queries will be now answered by google and not bing.

Note – Actually bing2google redirects all search queries targeted on bing to google in background and what you get is well defined more relevant search result pages from google in your chrome browser.