200 Funny & Creative Instagram Bios you would ever read

Instagram is the apex of Visual sharing in social media today.

Millions of Profiles with their cool instagram bios and status and with zillions of photos gets created on instagram everyday.If you have an instagram Profile, you must have a habit of reading profile’s Bio and instagram status of others. People read Bios and instagram statuses every time they hit a profile.



Now, Instagram is filled up with funny, satirical and creative Bios. But, you can not create a Bio every time which is original as well as impressive. So, in this article there are more than 200+ Funny & Creative instagram Bios for you to choose from.



Creative Instagram Bios



    1. My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I’m right.
    2. I’m not crazy, my reality is just different than yours
    3. I always learn from mistakes of others who take my advice
    4. I still don’t understand instagram, but here I am.
    5. Don’t follow me because I don’t even know where I’m going
    6. At last I graduated…….Now thermometer is not the only thing in the world having degrees without brains
    7. Recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things.
    8. Spreading smiles like they’re herpes
    9. A Nomad in search for the perfect burger. Do not judge me before you know me, but just to inform you, you wont like me
    10. Contributing To Entropy Since 1992.
    11. Everyone on this earth is self-centered, the difference is the radius.
    12. Life F#ck$d me , Now Its My Turn
    13. People of my age are busy with Relation, break up, heart break, patch ups and I am still figuring out a way to wake up before 10 am.
    14. I am so poor,i cant even pay attention.
    15. I am not on Instagram. Go do something useful.
    16. The best of me is yet to come
    17. There are two kinds of people in this world… And I don´t like them
    18. Can bob the builder fix my bad attitude?
    19. Professional procrastinator
    20. Analogue at birth, digital by design
    21. Someday, there’s going to be an updated version of me.
    22. That awkward moment when fails to recognize your own photo on the Instagram.




  1. I am not a player…I’m the game
  2. *Insert your bio here*
  3. A Caffeine dependent life-form
  4. A man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery
  5. Born at a very young age
  6. Do you remember my Instagram username I locked myself out and I do not know what to do
  7. God bless this hot mess
  8. I Can’t remember who I stole my bio from or why
  9. I have this new theory that human adolescence doesn’t end until your early thirties.
  10. I looked at my Instagram photos and realized I look beautiful.
  11. I’m not glad it’s “Friday” I’m glad it’s “Today”. I Love my life 7 days a week.
  12. I’m not smart. I just wear glasses.
  13. I’m real and I hope some of my followers are too.
  14. Life is dumb and I want to sleep
  15. Mama said life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get
  16. My hobbies are breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  17. The only thing stopping me from being pure white trash is my lack of motivation
  18. Where the hell am I, and how did I get here?
  19. You can follow me if you feel like it. You can also put peanut butter in your but#hole, if you feel like it.
  20. I am 10, on the pH scale, maybe. Cuz i am basic




  1. Making History
  2. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m a 11
  3. I’ve never been able to figure out this damn instagram bio thing
  4. This is my last Instagram bio ever
  5. I have not failed…my success  just postponed for some time.
  6. When nothing seems right….go left!!
  7. Don’t drink and park – accidents cause people.
  8. Study economics-when you’re unemployed, at least you’ll know why.
  9. Knowledge is knowing what to day.Wisdom is knowing whether to say it or not
  10. One person’s LOL is another’s WTF
  11. I will be back before you pronunce afjkhnfkualnfhukcakecnhkj.
  12. Always give your 100 percent ….unless you’r donating blood.
  13. God is really creative , i mean ..just look at me.
  14. Life is too short to update instagram bio
  15. Too busy to update a bio
  16. Life is too short. Don’t waste it reading my instagram bio….
  17. instagram bio is loading…
  18. Error: Bio unavailable
  19. Bio changed, just for the sake of changing it
  20. I’m not special, I’m just limited edition


  1. I’m COOL but Global Warming made me HOT
  2. Our marriage is like work-shops. I work and my wife shops !
  3. Bio under construction…check back soon !
  4. Life is too short. Don’t waste it copying my Bio… !
  5. I have Good News and Bad News to tell you. The Bad News is I don’t have Good News to tell you. And the Good News is I don’t have Bad News for you.
  6. I’m not lazy…I’m on energy saving mode.
  7. I’m going to update my Bio….but better you focus on your own.
  8. Its not me….after Monday, Tuesday even calender says W,T,F…
  9. That cool moment when I feel proud….when a girl asks “Are you on Instagram?
  10. Knowledge is like underwear. It is useful to have it, but not necessary to show it off.
  11. I’m Jealous of My Parents… I’ll Never Have a Kid as Cool as Theirs!
  12. I need 6 months of vacation, twice a year..
  13. Die with memories, not dreams!
  14. I’m so good at sleeping; I can do it with my eyes closed.
  15. I am definitely a morning person if morning starts from noon 😉
  16. When I was born I was so surprised, I didn’t talk for a year & a half.
  17. Never laugh at your wife’s choices… you’re one of them
  18. Think about doing something than doing someone! 😛
  19. CGPA available for adoption – Can’t raise it myself
  20. People call me ” Mike”. But, you can call me tonight. 😉


  1. Stop being in the Rat Race and start living your life.
  2. Sky is Not the Limit the Mind is
  3. Remember that guy that gave up? Neither does no one else.
  4. Me fail English? That’s unpossible!
  5. Buddy, can you paradigm?
  6. Stupidity is not a crime, so you’re free to go.
  7. The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.
  8. I am so open-minded, my brains will fall out some day.
  9. We are all going to hell, and I am driving the bus
  10. I hold the key to world peace, but somebody changed the lock!
  11. I wanna be different just like everyone else
  12. I used to have a handle on life, but it broke
  13. I’m not a complete idiot, some parts are missing
  14. Heaven won’t have me and hell is afraid, I’ll take over!
  15. Never Forget, The world is Yours. Terms and Conditions Apply.
  16. I smile because I have no idea what is going on
  17. My mother told me not to talk to strangers. I never talk to myself anymore.
  18. I can resist everything except temptation.
  19. Its not an attitude ,its the way I am
  20. If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.


  1. Time flies… after you hit the snooze button
  2. I am not fat, I am just. Easier to see.
  3. Without ME, it’s just AWESO.
  4. I didn’t change, I just woke up.
  5. Weird is a side effect of awesome.
  6. There are no winners in life…only survivors.
  7. Treat each day as your last; one day you will be right.
  8. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass … it’s about learning to dance in the rain!
  9. At the end of the day, life should ask us, Do you want to save the changes?
  10. God gave me a lot of hair, but not a lot of height
  11. Acts like summer & walks like rain
  12. My blood is made of coffee.
  13. REHAB is for quitters !
  14. Sarcasm falls out of my mouth, just like stupid falls from yours
  15. Don’t be sad because of people, they will all die.
  16. One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.
  17. Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
  18. If people are talking behind your back, be happy that you are the one in front.
  19. 3 things I want in a relationship: Eyes that wont cry, lips than wont lie, and love that wont die.

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Cool Instagram Bios of 2015

  1. Beer junkie. Writer. Incurable web fan. Hardcore alcohol trailblazer. Amateur internet ninja.
  2. Introvert. Creator. Coffee nerd. Infuriatingly humble beer aficionado. Organizer.
  3. Award-winning alcohol evangelist. Total introvert. Wannabe troublemaker. Bacon enthusiast.
  4. Student. Future teen idol. Friendly social media scholar. Alcohol nerd. Bacon junkie.
  5. Social media fanatic. Problem solver. Passionate travel guru. Hipster-friendly coffee fanatic.
  6. Hipster-friendly coffee enthusiast. Hardcore music specialist. Internet maven. Communicator.
  7. Amateur internet scholar. Professional gamer. General social media geek. Thinker. Bacon fanatic. Total beer maven. Infuriatingly humble reader.
  8. Web buff. Devoted tv expert. Entrepreneur.  Travel fanatic.
  9. Proud tv fan. Professional problem solver. Friendly travel guru. Passionate alcoholaholic.
  10. Devoted reader. Hardcore alcoholaholic. Evil thinker. Explorer. Passionate student.

Funny Instagram Bios

  1. I never knew my father was an alcoholic until he came home sober one night.
  2. My Brain Is Divided Into Two Parts: Right & Left.In Right Nothing Is Left.In Left Nothing Is Right.
  3. Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” – some dead guy
  4. In some cultures what I do is considered normal
  5. My job is secure. No one else wants it.
  6. Life is scary; at least the salary is funny.
  7. The light at the end of the tunnel – are the front lights of a train.
  8. i only drink on two occasions .When it’s my birthday and when it’s not.
  9. I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally
  10. I have never let my schooling interfere with my education
  11. Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.
  12. I swear to drunk I am not God!
  13. I need patience. NOW!
  14. If your not wasted, the day is!
  15. I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
  16. I don’t make mistakes, I date them.
  17. Sometimes you just need some space… to fart.
  18. I don’t suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.
  19. Keep the dream alive: Hit the snooze button.
  20. Hard work never killed anyone, but why take the chance?
  21. I’d kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.
  22. I think, therefore I’m single.
  23. If life hands you lemons, break out the tequila!
  24. Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter
  25. Well, here I am! What are your other two wishes?
  26. My mind’s made up, don’t confuse me with facts.
  27. I started with nothing, and I still have most of it.
  28. Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.
  29. Due to an intense mind fog, all of my thoughts have been grounded until further notice.
  30. I never make the same mistake twice.A minimum of 5-7 times is typically necessary in order for me to learn anything.
  31. Friends are like b@@bs.You’ve got big ones, small ones, real ones and fake ones.
  32. My road to success always seems to be under construction.
  33. I am known at the gym as the “before picture.”
  34. Keep rolling your eyes. Maybe one day you’ll find a brain back there.
  35. The most you can expect from me is unconditional like.
  36. I’m saving my abstinence for marriage.
  37. I haven’t seen a sunrise in so long I joined instagram.
  38. One day I shall solve my problems with maturity. Today, however, it will be alcohol.
  39. I made a huge TO DO list for this weekend. Just can’t figure out who’s going to do it.
  40. I’m actually not funny. I’m just really mean and people think I am joking.
  41. Women who seek to be equal to men lack ambition.
  42. The word “B@@b” is the Perfect word. The B looks like a top view of them, the 2 Os look like a front view, and the b looks like a side view. perfectly engineered!
  43. Women always call me ugly until they find out how much money I make.
    Then they call me ugly and poor.
  44. What is a free gift? Aren’t all gifts free?
  45. Remember half the people you know are below average.
  46. I changed my password everywhere to ‘incorrect.’ That way when I forget it, it always reminds me, ‘Your password is incorrect.’
  47. I don’t need a hair stylist, my pillow gives me a new hairstyle every morning.
  48. The future is shaped by your dreams, so stop wasting time and go to sleep!
  49. We are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse.
  50. A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.
  51. I say no to alcohol Daily, it just doesn’t listen.
  52. Where there’s a will, I want to be in it.
  53. The last thing I want to do is hurt you…. but it’s still on my list.
  54. Since light travels faster than sound, i appear bright until you hear me speak.
  55. If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.
  56. In filling out an application, where it says, “In case of emergency, notify….” I answered, “a doctor.”
  57. I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure.
  1. Love may be blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener.
  2. Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.
  3. Whenever I find the key to success, someone changes the lock.
  4. You can’t have everything… where would you put it?
  5. Smartness runs in my family. When I went to school I was so smart my teacher was in my class for five years.
  6. Beer is proof God Loves us and wants us to be happy
  7. If there’s no love in the world,… let’s make some.
  8. Doing nothing is hard, you never know when you’re done.
  9. Alcohol, what’s that? It’s not in my vodkabulary, but let me check in whiskypedia.
  10. Don’t worry if plan A fails, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet.
  11. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
  12. Stop the earth from spinning, I want to get off!
  13. Long time ago I used to have a life, until someone told me to create an Instagram account.
  14. They say money doesn’t bring happiness, but everyone still wants to prove it for themselves.
  15. I didn’t find out what happiness means until I got married… and then it was too late.
  16. If I keep paying attention, I’m going to be in debt
  17. I love my computer because all my friends live inside it
  18. last name hungry, first name always
  19. Who said money cant buy happiness, I think he was using money wrong
  20. Is everything expensive or am i just poor
  21. losing everything but weight
  22. People say you’ve changed,  well I couldn’t stay a sperm forever could I
  23. I have to be funny because being hot is not an option
  24. Accept who you are, unless you’re a serial killer.
  25. I tried to be normal once. Worst two minutes of my life.
  26. People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.
  27. If your life is all about screwing things and getting hammered, then congratulations, you’re a tool.
  28. Of course I’m not perfect; there’s a crack in my a$$
  29. I have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life; if I die next Tuesday.
  30. I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
  31. I was born. When I was 11, I got my first computer. Then I started posting pics on instagram. That’s still what I am doing. The end.
  32. I’m going to reveal the two secrets of my success: One Don’t reveal everything.


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Tip : – Its a Tough task to be creative because everyone out there is copying Bios from everywhere. But, its not impossible if you stuff your Bio with excitement, Buzz and humour. Note that its equally important to stuff your Bio with keywords which describe your work and taste. As in the race of attracting more followers you must know that you have only 3-4 seconds to impress the person who is checking your Bio. If you put the right words describing yourself then people with similar interests will tend to like you quick.


Best examples of Instagram Bios

  1. Creative – Professional procrastinator
  2. Funny  – I don’t suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.
  3. Cool – Social media fanatic. Problem solver. Passionate travel guru. Hipster-friendly coffee fanatic.
  4. Weird -I am not on Instagram. Go do something useful.
  5. Inspirational – One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.


When you look ath the Bios of Celebrities in top 100 instagram List, most of the Bios will either be empty or filled with Just their name. Although some of them had some quotes or facts written on their profile. Below are celebrities in top 100 instagram list whose Bio exists.

Celebs Instagram Bios

bellathorne-instagram-bio chrisbrown-instagram-bio katyperry-instagram-bio khloe-bio-instagram selena-instagram-bio shaym-instagram-bio snookinic-instagram-bio

How to write an Interesting Instagram Bio


Your Instagram Bio should not be stuffed with complex jargon. It should be short and funny reflecting your personality. But, in order to showcase your personality you should just not go on and write facts. This is not a standard resume. These are few lines on your profile at instagram describing what you are all about. If you do not find it interesting to write about yourself, then you can put a funny one liner, a life lesson or a famous quote reflecting your thinking. You should also format your resume with spaces and emojis to make it look interesting and trendy. One of the best way to write a formatted instagram Bio is to write your Bio in Microsoft word and then paste it in your edit Bio section. Most of the formatted icons like list etc. remains preserved while pasting on instagram.


An insightful Bio shows the world you are well read and choosy in nature. Its never wrong to create your own Bio if you want because in that case you will tell something original about you, which will let the world know more about you by looking at your instagram profile. But, whatever be never miss the fun factor to embed in your Bio. People love crazy Bio and they don’t want to read only info about you. You may have noticed that celebrities generally leave their profile field empty and they never update it. Its because they are celebs and followers are just all ears to their farts and they don’t care or stress out to give an impressive Bio. Most of the time they just rewrite their name coz that is enough and that is the brand value they have. But in our case, as we are not celebs, we must give an interesting Bio to attract eyeballs.

Most of the people who start a profile on instagram could not attract followers. Now, posting images without having followers is just like having a personal diary which no one read. Social media means more and more exposure and instagram is just like twitter for pics. Now, having a strong instagram Bio impacts the follower acquisition rate. This is your starting point of reference and is like an about us page. Since the character limit is there, its become extremely difficult to create a powerful Bio which give a solid impact on profile visitor. Now, some people give short info about themselves while some insert a quote or life lesson they believe.  Quotes can also be embedded in Bios but they should be witty and deep. The quotes which are short but take long time to understand are the perfect one. Cute quotes underlining the contradictions in life are also cool.

Icons on instagram profile look very good and its better if you intelligently stuff text with icons. For inserting cool icons, you can just use some of the icons below.

☠ ☮ ☯ ♠ Ω ♤ ♣ ♧ ♥ ♡ ♦ ♢ ♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ ⚜ ★ ☆ ✮ ✯ ☄ ☾ ☽ ☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃ ☻ ☺ ☹ ۞ ۩

εїз Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ξЖЗ εжз ☎ ☏ ¢ ☚ ☛ ☜ ☝ ☞ ☟ ✍ ✌ ☢ ☣ ♨ ๑ ❀ ✿ ψ ♆ ☪ ☭ ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬ ✄ ✂ ✆ ✉ ✦ ✧

♱ ♰ ∞ ♂ ♀ ☿ ❤ ❥ ❦ ❧ ™ ® © ✖ ✗ ✘ ⊗ ♒

for more emojis click here

You can just select and do a  right click and then copy these icons and paste it to the profile field. These symbols just make profile look beautiful and soothing. Some of the profiles i saw on instagram just used symbols with no text at all.

So, here are the most beautiful and interesting instagram Bios found on web.


  1. sarojinipritam March 29, 2016
  2. piyush July 18, 2016
  3. Amol November 11, 2016
  4. Anonymous November 26, 2016