How to pay income tax for Adsense income in india

The deadline for paying taxes are coming nearer each day. There are many doubts which keeps creeping in the mind of an Adsense earners (Bloggers and Website owners). Here are some frequently asked questions .

Is Income from adsense taxable in india?

Yes, its taxable in india. Although Adsense don’t force you to fill your PAN card details while creating an account at Adsense for Non US residents, but it never means you don’t have to pay taxes.

In which category i can club my Adsense earnings?

You can declare your Adsense earning in two ways :

1. Income from other sources : – ┬áIf you are a salaried person already working in a company, you may treat it as income from other sources. You can not deduct expenses like hosting charges, domain registration charges and other costs incurred for your website. This is suitable for those who can’t declare it as their main sources of income. Part time bloggers fall in this category.

2. Income from business or profession : – If Adsense earning is your primary source of income then you can declare it as income from business and profession. You can deduct all costs incurred ( Electricty bill, internet charges, hosting charges, domain registration charges etc.) for your blog or website in this category of income.

Is service tax payable in India

No, You don’t need to pay service tax in India. As google is renting out your advertising space and selling it for you. Google is providing the service to its clients for which it is already paying service tax in india.

Are there any other type of taxes which have to be paid

No, just pay your regular taxes and its fine.


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