Mute Individual Tabs In Dev And Canary Google Chrome

Google chrome is the preferred form of browser for most of us, even though equally powerful browsers, like that of Microsoft Edge, were launched by Microsoft. There are various updates that are brought forward by Google Chrome which many of us would have left unnoticed. One such update was regarding the sound settings for individual tabs. It is natural for all of us to switch between many tabs and leave them open for easy surfing.But at a time, we will be concentrating only on one tab while other tabs would keep running their programs. When this happens, there are chances that a video advertisement starts playing up in one or more tab that really embarrasses you and disturbs your present work. Also it gains attention from everyone¬†around you and it is even more depressing when it isn’t appropriate.

Once you identify the source of audio, you end up closing the whole tab. But this need not happen anymore. According to the new update which was brought forward by Google Chrome, it displays a speaker button on any tab that has some audio stuffs involved in it. But you should use a Dev or Canary builds of Google Chrome for this purpose, which is available easily on the web to download. It is because this feature hasn’t become stable in all it’s releases.

We will now take you through the steps involved in bringing up the feature we would have been waiting for so long!

Steps To Mute Individual tabs in Dev and Canary builds Of Google Chrome

Step 1 :

Open up the Google Chrome application in your system .Note that you should have installed the Dev or Canary builds of Chrome to accomplish this particular task.

You can download it from the path given below if you don’t find it

Download the Canary build of Google Chrome

Follow its instructions and install it.

Step 2 :

On the address bar on top of it, you will have to type the below given path


Screenshot (152)

Step 3 :

In the page that pops up, see the option called Enable tab audio muting UI control.It would have been set to the disable state. Set it to Enable.

Screenshot (157)

Step 4:

Now open any website that would have got an audio in it. You will find next to the name of the tab a sound button. Just click on to mute it.

Screenshot (154)

Step 6:

Do it for those tabs where the sound button is shown.

From now on, you can continue your works without any disturbances.


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