Top 10 indian bloggers and their Adsense Income

Written By sharma | December 9, 2009

Gone are the days when businessmen were 40 something gold chain laden persons with a fat belly to show off. Meet the new breed of millionaires who are 20 something bloggers writing blog posts in their pyzamas and earning millions. They are their own bosses and don’t need to get instruction from anyone . They can work at whatever time they wish to work and can fool around rest of the time with their hobbies.

Check out the list of top 10 bloggers from india and their estimated adsense revenues : –

1 . Name  – Amit Agarwal amit

-:  Blog

-:  Alexa Rank of – 2000

-: Estimated Adsense Revenue per month – $ 36,000 / Month

About – In the year 2004  amit quit his lavish job at Goldman sachs and turned a full time blogger. He writes about software and internet tools. IIT passout amit now drives Honda CRV and lives life his size in New Delhi  the way he want, with his adsense and affiliate income.

amit-bhawani-photo-thumb 2. Name – Amit Bhwanai


– : Alexa rank of –  4500

-: Estimated Adsense revenue – $15,000 Per Month

About – Amit bhawani started writing on his tech blog in year 2007 and pumped up different topics like career, health and travel in his blog. His blog has continuously jumped up in alexa ranking over due course of time. He now runs his own SEO firm in Hyderabad.



3. Name – Manisha Goswami

-: Blog –

-: Alexa Rank of – 10,000

-: Estimated Adsense Revenue – $8,000 / Month

About – Manisha Goswami is the pioneer of Govt jobs blogs in india. She started the blog in 2006 and is consistently writing 4-5 posts daily about Government Jobs notices in india. The total number of posts written till so far exceeds 10,000. Manisha’s blog currently have 1,58,000 subscribers and its the most visited government job portal in india . Its about talking less and doing your stuff with patience. Its about believing in what you are doing and never expecting much too early.


harsh agarwal4. Name – Harsh Agrawal


-: Alexa Rank of – 3900

-: Estimated Adsense Revenue – $8,000 / Month

About – 20 Something Harsh Agrawal quit his job at Convergys to become a professional  blogger. He now writes on bloging, wordpress, tips and ways to make money online. He now lives in New Delhi and blogs regularly to earn his income blended with freedom.

5 . Name – Srinivas Tamada
Srinivas Tamada

: – Blog –

: – Alexa rank of – 8,000

: – Estimated Adsense revenue – $6500 / Month

About – Srinivas is a 20 something programming freak and his blog revoles about programming. He is one of the blogger who don’t pay a penny for hosting charges and domain name booking and is earning a handsome sum form Google.He is currently perhaps the best blogger blogging about programming and design tutorial  in India.

6. Raju PP – Raju from Bangalore quit infosys to start a life based on blogging and made it big. He blogs on gadgets and tech related stuff to pull googlers to his portal.

Blog –

Alexa Rank – 7900

Estimated Adsense revenue – $7200 / Month



7Name –  Jaspal Singh


Alexa Rank – 10,000

Estimated adsense revenue – $4000 /Month

About – Satpal is a  mechanical engineering graduate who took his blog at the peak of success in less than a year with his sheer dedication and ability to blog like a maniac. His other hobby is hitting the gym once his fingers get stressed.



Arun Prabhudesai8 . Name – Arun Prabhudesai


-: Alexa rank of – 13,000

-: Estimated Adsense Revenue – $3800 / Month

AboutArun writes about business trends and startups and is an avid internet geek. He started his blog in 2007 and has gradually moved up the ladders to become one of the best business bloggers in the blogging arena.




nirmal9. Name – Nirmal


-: Alexa Rank of – 20000

-: Estimated Adsense Revenue – $3200 / Month

About –  Nirmal is a Civil engineer  by education and IT professional by profession. He writes about freeware reviews, internet tips and tricks. Coming from a small town named kochi,  Nirmal has changed his life through blogging.



10. Name – Rahul Bansal

: –

: – Alexa rank of – 21,000

:- Estimated Adsense Revenue – $3000 / Month

rahul bansal

About – Rahul Bansal is a computer engineer turned full time blogger and writes about Tech trends and web 2.o . His have changed his life and every bit from it from adsense money and evolved into an Entrepreneur.




53 thoughts on “Top 10 indian bloggers and their Adsense Income

  1. Karan Batra

    Impressive figures
    these are the Bill Gates and Larry Page of India
    Am happy for them all
    Keep up the good work guyz

  2. Jaspal

    How are you sure about their income stats have you asked them in person or all are estimates .. i think these stats are not correct ..

  3. ProBlogineer

    yeh, they are all great Indian bloggers..
    but your title should be top 6 😀

  4. Ashish Kalmegh

    This is impressive . But I don’t think they earn that much ” Income tax to adha khalega unki kamaai ”

    These estimates might have been taken from sites like “How much you blog is worth ?”
    But if these are real then well done guys .

    Still in either case you all guys rocks and keep guiding new bloggers

  5. CA Karan Batra

    But how do we estimate the adsense Income of a blogger
    Just by ALexa Page Rank can we estimate the Income of someone???

  6. khalid

    your calculation is perfect, and i think you did a great job, it will inspire so many guys like us.

  7. Jaspal

    @admin : Saurab

    Thnx for your reply and your way of calculating the income might be right… hopefully we can reach there too :)

  8. Athul Jayaram

    Gr8 ………. Congratulations to first 3 – Amit, Harsh & Bhawani . They are my close friends

  9. Sourish Nath

    Hey ,

    Congrats for getting ranked at top 10. really great to see you compete Mr . Amit 1-2

    Regards ,

  10. Athul Jayaram

    I think your calculation is simply according to

    Popularity + Alexa = Top Bloggers

    You know poplarity could be made easily like advertising or getting featured

    Alexa is simple, Even i know to manipulate the data’s

    You should calculate according to Page Rank & Other positions, & by USER impressions – Like running a big feedback or ratings by users

  11. Anurag

    I totally agree with you Saurav regarding Amit Bhawani’s Blog,though posts from blogs are informative,but almost all of them looks like specially written for search engines…I was going to say this point after seeing him No.2 In this list…but you already said.. :)

    BTW you have missed many indian bloggers which are worth to mention,one of them is Sandip Dedhia he blogs at

  12. CA Karan Batra

    The cpm is assumed to be $1 for tech blogs….
    How much wld be the CPM for a Finance Blog???

  13. CA Karan Batra

    Thnx for info. Saurav

    nd best of luck for ur blog… May u also make it to this list very soon

    keep up the good work boy

  14. Ricky

    No offence but Raju is missing from the list. Have a look at and its alexa ranking. I know 3 of them.

  15. Rakesh

    Wondering your estimates are way higher and you missed many bloggers in the list one such blogger Sandip from which has PR 6 and Alexarank of 7000 which is even better than ….

  16. Rakesh

    Woops aren’t u contradicting yourself if you say harsh has bigger share of revenue from other source then how come his adsense earnings shown here and if you are talking to consider other source too then i guess some blogs will go way higher than rest here. You dont know how many CPM network high traffic blogs like or using.

  17. Rakesh

    One more thing when harsh himself disclosing his total earnings every one month and it has never been more than 3500$. where as your estimate is 11k that’s almost 4 time higher than his actual earnings ..

  18. Anil Kumar Panigrahi

    I know srinivas ( 9lessons author) very well, congrats srinu, he is good blogger.

  19. rajesh

    how come you missed
    it’s alexa is <10K..popular tech/startup site.

  20. Tanuj Lakhina

    What I want to know is, is it necessary for one to be a technology related blogger to make handsome income? Is there no scope or chance for others. Wonder what people think of it. Yeah think should feature in this list.

  21. Railway Jobs india

    All are guestimated earnings and may not be accurate. Not to dishonour any of the bloggers. All of them deserves what they are now. Congrats.

  22. Mohsin

    I have no doubt in my mind that many more blogs should have been featured in here, you just missed,,

  23. Robinsh

    hey you did a great work for motivating beginner Indian bloggers like me, really helpful post you have composed for making it clear that blogging is also a scope for peoples who love to be connected with Internet and their hobbies.


  24. Harshit Singhal

    Nice.I’m going to be in the list soon.Working hard towards my goal of 10 k visitors a day & $ 4000 adsense revenue per month.Cheers.

  25. Making money

    Its not easy to make money through blogging, the best way is to check the activities of above bloggers and follow them.

  26. Harshit Singhal

    The estimated revenues are surprisingly close to the actual figues. Amit Bhawani has recently stated that his blogging income for june is $14000 , including a SEO service ! ..Great job done man !

  27. Your Success

    The adsense revenue is a good source of extra income,anyone can get benefit from it,but You have to patience and the success is waiting for YOU.

    With Regards

  28. Bapun

    I personally know few mentioned names and their income from Adsense is much much lower than you wrote 😛

  29. Sharat

    I think you should update this report ….

    Save Delete (.) com of Jaspal is also going good ..

    Having Alexa Rank – 8000

    @ Amit Bhawani’s Alexa Rank is 4500 these days … :)

    Thanks :) :)

  30. Saurav Post author

    @Sharat , point noted …

    I updated the post …

  31. Jose Tinto

    “Coming from a small town named kochi”

    Kochi/Cochin is a city man, not a small town. :)

  32. Olen Tanner

    I’ve been gold bricking here at work all day and my boss would certainly kill me if he found out I was reading this stuff all afternoon! OK, admin, some questions. How long did it normally take you to write a article here? And how expensive is it to pay for hosting per month? It would be nice to have a blog of my own on the net. However I’ve never actually ran one before, so here I am asking you. It would really give me a head start, if you could either email me or respond here… thank you.

  33. Rohit Langde

    Thank god that you used the word – “Estimated” in front of income but the real one is far lower than what is mentioned. Figures are really too high in most of the cases (including mine).

    And there is a correction in my Bio- I am still an Engineering student (Final year). Still not out from College life :)

  34. Razzil

    Wow nice list, I know everyone accept “Arun Prabhudesai”. my favorite blog are 9lessons, savedelete and Blogsolute.

  35. Rohit Sane

    Hey buddy, You have made a good attempt in noting the blogs, but still there a a few big ones missing like .. Also, the Adsense revenues are no way near their actual marks.. The revenues are far less.. I would say .. just 10-20% of what you are saying!!

  36. bobit

    its a motivational post,
    but not sure abt the income calculation method

  37. Sujit Kumar

    it unbelievable but real to much earning from a blog only……

  38. Zaheen

    Congratulations Amit,
    You are in the second postion now,
    All the best.

  39. Rajan Balana

    I was not aware about few of them, but few among them are my good friends :)

  40. Mayank

    I want to know the likely revenue wich I can earn from finance blog after getting 150000 pageviews per month. I heard, finance blogs are paid less or infact there are less visitors as the content is confined to a particular country rather than, it is targetted globally in a tech blog.

    Kindly let me know!!!

  41. Mayank

    I know writting quality content is the king in blogging. Can anyone tell me can i expect 1.5 Lakh pageviews per month after a year & a half if I write some 1200 odd articles of average to good quality on various topics

  42. Saurav Post author

    that means you have to write ultra high quality articles , beating others in terms of content quality , uniqueness and ability to rise up in search engine rankings. But on an average if you write well then 50,000 page view is easy to achieve.

  43. Mayank

    Thanks Saurav……
    1.Then how much revenue can I expect on a average from that 50000 pageview per month.
    2. Secondly, I have seen many blogs mentioned above have around 1500 pages, they are earning around 3000$ per month & have around 250000 pageviews
    3. I have also seen some blogs that i know having 150000 pageviews & not earning much

  44. Saurav Post author

    do not try with and subdomains. Try with blogspot blog or booked domains registered with the same name and address with which you intend to apply at Google.

  45. Saurav Post author

    that depends upon quality of users and the content you write. When you write about Tech stuff like labnol you have a refined group of users from whom the advertiser can get benefited much more. But when you write posts such as jobs for clerk then you are bound to get low quality visitors sitting in cyber cafe in small towns of india, which are not useful in pushing your ecpm up.

  46. vijay gupta

    This is really a great information, and this will inspire me to put the adsense ads on my blog too.

    thanks dude.

  47. Paresh

    Hello Mr Sharma ( I can got this name from your blog) Why aren’t you blogging regularly! your style of writing is awesome and I would like to learn more from your. I saw a latest blog post from you in in 2014.

  48. Victoria

    Impressive !! It seems there is a much more scope in Adsense for earning. Serve good and you are done with money. Superb figures .

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