How to use Facebook Without a Mouse at more speed

Now, why would one want to do that, when everything is just fine till now. May be for a change Or May be your mouse is giving you trouble and you are lazy enough to buy one. Whatever may be the case, here is a refreshing way to use Facebook.

How to use Facebook Without a Mouse

  1. First Log into facebook.
  2. Now, Just Press J and it will scroll you down by One story at a time.
  3. For going up, use k.
  4. So pressing j will scroll you down news feed and pressing k will take you up, story by story.
  5. The stories are highlighted by a thin blue line covering it.




  1. Now Coming to next tip.
  2. Q : What if you want to like the story ?
  3. Simple! Press And the selected post will get liked by you instantly.
  4. Q : What if you want to share the story ?
  5. Just press s and the three options will emerge. Press s again to scroll through those option. Press s for the desired option for the final time.




Interestingly, this j and l even works on albums.

Pressing j will take you to the next photo and k will take you back to the previous Photo.


Want To please a Boring friend who post even his Fart on Facebook …

Just open his recently uploaded 999 pics which you don’t want to analyze.

Start pressing J and L

And the post will be getting liked by you as you browse forward through photos.

You can increase your Good Karma by liking your like devoid Boring friend.

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