44 Google Search engine ranking factors

Every game have its own set of rules and web world is no different. You can’s assume that you will win just because you have a clean soul and you are the best content producing machine on the earth. Below are the search engine ranking factors for Google to give you an extra edge over your competitors –

search engine ranking factors

  1. Keyword in the domain name – For example “banking” keyword will be always be ranked better for a website like bankingdrama.com
  2. Keyword in the Website URL
  3. Keywords in header h1,h2 or h3 of the page.
  4. Keyword in the title of the page.
  5. Keyword present in alt text of the images.
  6. Keyword in meta description
  7. Keyword present in meta keywords (Not too important these days)
  8. Keyword present in Body of texts.
  9. Position of keywords in page . I.e. if it lies in the upper half of the page it will be having more SEO value.
  10. Having links which are related to the content of the page. (For example related articles plugin in wordpress which brings links of the pages related to the page have a positive impact)
  11. Keywords in links of pages that is anchor text having keywords.
  12. Broken links on the website (Negative impact)
  13. Any pages on your website should be reachable within maximum 4 clicks.
  14. Limit the total number of links on any page to 100. If not possible you can have more links but not more than 300.
  15. Linking to outgoing links having high page rank or value is good.
  16. Linking to outgoing links having low page rank or value is bad.
  17. Linking to outgoing links which are unrelated to the content is bad (For example Google will not like Swimsuit.com on mobile.com)
  18. Domain name booked for a higher period of time is good. Book a domain name for atleast 5 years.
  19. Older domains have better SEO score.
  20. Domain name extension related to the country have better seo score.( .in domain will score better in india)
  21. Faster load time of the webpage is good.
  22. Page rank of the website.
  23. Duplicate content or content copied from elsewhere a strict no no.
  24. How often the website is updated. Frequently updated are loved by Google.
  25. Variation of the keyword on page. beat, beaten etc.
  26. Links pointing to your website with related content.
  27. Anchor text for backlinks.
  28. Page ranks of the backlinks .
  29. Age of the backlink.
  30. Image name containing the keyword will be better
  31. Instead of space on image name or file name use ‘-‘
  32. having bad words on web page a bad score.
  33. keyword stuffing is prohibited. keyword percentage should not be more than 4%.
  34. broken links on website a bad thing
  35. static URL better than dynamic URL
  36. How often your page is clicked when shown in search result
  37. How much time a visitor spends after coming to your website
  38. Hosting server downtime will f***k you in google war
  39. Past record of the domain
  40. Creation of new pages on a website ! Very Good
  41. Is keyword related to the subject matter of the web page
  42. Avoid 301 redirect on any webpage of the website
  43. Validated HTML quite good
  44. Number of pages in website . (Thats why large websites having little content always push you below in SEO rankings.)

Comment below if some more is left out , i want to complete half century here …