Why your Adsense account not getting approved

Adsense is the most preferred way to make money for website owners and bloggers.adsense not approvedCurrently Google adsense and double click has more than half market share in the online advertising arena. But the problem with adsense is that it don’t easily accepts new accounts. Many bloggers and webmasters remain frustrated and keep reapplying for the coveted network.

What are the reasons my Adsense account was not approved?

  • Your website or blog must be at least 6 months old.
  • It should not have duplicate content.
  • It should not have adult content.
  • It must have professional layout or design.
  • If its a blog it should be updated daily with fresh content.If its a website it must be of at least 30 pages with relevant content.
  • Google don’t love celeb or wallpapers websites much, so try to get your adsense account approved with some quality content blog or website. Once approved you can put it anywhere on any of your blog or website network (Except pon websites.)
  • Even if you are not approved you can try hubpages.com and after creating an account and writing few articles apply from there itself.

Remember once you get your rejection mail from adsense, do not keep re applying in short intervals. It will never help and can create problems for you. Wait for another month and re apply freshly after fixing the points discussed above.


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