Adsense FAQ Tutorial for beginners


Adsense is the most used method for webmasters and bloggers to make money. Here is Adsense frequently asked questions.

How can i enroll for Adsense ?

The basic requirements for getting adsense

  • You must have a blog or website .
  • It must be at least six months old.
  • It must have unique content not copied from anywhere else.

I have applied for adsense but got rejected. When can i apply again ?

If one of the reasons in the adsense mail is “Your blog should be atleast 6 months old“, then wait for another few months to get 6 month older. If there are other reasons like unacceptable content then , try changing the content of your blog to more insightful topics with unique content.

Normally Google hates topics like wallpapers, celeb, gossips like topics and love topics like tech tips, health, travel  etc. I am not saying you can’t put adsense on a entertainment blog but better make a short term project just for getting adsense approved. Once you get adsense you can put it anywhere.

What is page impression ?

Total number of pages viewed on your website is page impression. For example 3 visitor came to your website.

First one viewed 1 page and bounced ; Page impression = 1

Second one viewed 90 pages, page impression ; Page  Impression = 90

Third one viewed 3 pages : Page impression = 3

Total page impression = 1+90+3 = 94 in this case.

What is CTR ?

CTR is click through rate per 100  impressions. For example you have 1300 impression on your website and total clicks on adsense is 65 then ,

In 1300 impression ->  Clicks = 65

In 100 Impression ->  Clicks = (65/1300)*100 = 5

Now 5% will be adsense CTR here in this case.

What is CPM ?

CPM means how much you would have earned if your adsense impression is 1000.

For example your total ad impression is 1500 and you earned $3 …

1500 impression -> $3

1 impression -> 3/1500

1000 impression -> (3/1500)*1000 = $2, hence $2 will be CPM in this case.

When will Google send my income ?

Google pay your this month earning to next to next month. For example your total earning in March month is $135 then you will get cheque in May month. Note that it must be higher than $100 in any case.If its not greater than $100, it will be added in your next month earning.

How Google pays me ?

Google sends a cheque of Citibank payable to your name. You can submit it to any bank and they will encash it to your account. Please confirm the bank authorities, if they accept cheques of Citibank or not. For example some government banks in india will create troubles for you if you submit to them.

I live in small town in india, will i be able to get cheques there ?

The smaller cities you choose to live , the bigger will be the waiting time to get Adsense cheques.

Here is a quick glossary of cheque arrival time for indian cities from my life experiences.

New Delhi – The fastest, normally on 1st or 2nd day of the month.

Kolkata – 5-10 th day of month.

Jabalpur – 15 – 30th day of month

Gaya ( Bihar ) –  Still waiting to receive my Cheque.

I have not received my cheque till now, what to do next ?

Login to your adsense account and click on my account tab and then payment history. Click on the details page and you will get to know Bluedart tracking number. Take the help of figures below to locate it.

blue dart tracking

Once you know your Blue dart tracking number , visit Blue dart website and locate your check by entering your tracking number.

When will Google start EFT , Direct transfer in my bank account in India?

This question is still bugging most of the indians.

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