Why affinity is the best Adsense alternative – A Review

For a decade adsense remained the only solution for making money over internet for bloggers and web publishers. You can earn money from other methods also, but no one gives you that much consistency in revenue as Adsense does. But this monopoly have led to serious consequences which we face from time to time.

Some of them are –

  • First of all its hard getting it approved. If you are from India or China its like meeting to God. People keep reapplying for adsense a thousand times and keep getting rejection emails in weirdest possible reasons.
  • If approved there are thousand of ways it can get cancelled and you always live in a state of fear. Some time your uncontrollable flow in written content or your decision for going to a traffic exchange program or may be anything can violate its policies, and you may get the most frightening email of the century from them.
  • In most of the countries it still pays its publishers by the century old method i.e. by Post.
  • Adsense ecpm are getting down every month and you need a way to recover your dream.

Why Affinity Rocks as Adsense alternative ?


1. Best revenue share in the Industry – Affinity gives 95% of the share to its publishers . While Adsense gives only 68% to its publishers. Another biggest adsesne alternative , BuySellAds share only 75% to you. In this way Affinity have come up with the most generalised Revenue share ever seen and i don’t think you will have a problem donating 5% to them.

2. High eCPM –I have never seen anyone eCPM comparable to Adsense. Neither Komli nor Infolinks. They all fall way behind Adsense in eCPM standards. But after watching affinity stats i got shocked coz on some days its revenue was higher than adsesne.

Does Affinity really pays well ?

Yes ! Below is my earning snapshot  from Affinity …

Note: – The cpm given below is for indian traffic only. The cpm for usa and uk traffic will be 10 times the cpm given below.

Affinity earning snapshot

How do Affinity pays ?

There are two hassle free methods, one of them is Paypal and another is direct bank transfer and both of them eradicates the need to wait for that old postman.

What are the ads format by affinity ?

One of them is in Text advertising same as infolinks and kontera but better than them both in terms of loading of your page and earning. Another new and unique Ad format is ad cloud similar to a tag cloud based on the content of your website in various sizes which are easily embeddable in your blog or website.

Click here for Join Affinity

What are W8 OR W9 Forms ?

If you are from US you need to fill up w9 form to get your payment processed at Affinity and if you are not from US then you need to fill a W-8 form.

Conclusion – Affinity is the best adsense alternative today is a statement by me which is not promoted for any hidden affiliate means. I am telling this because i have experienced it and i feel its the right choice today, even if you want to use it with adsense. You can check alexa rank of affinity and its growing Big. Also you can see it on big websites like HumSurfer.com etc. and can hover and see big advertiser on its client list. Give it a Try. Best of Luck.


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