How arvind kejriwal got what he wanted in his life

Q: What can you do after clearing IIT ?

A: You can grab a job at facebook or Google or can eventually migrate to sillicon valley to reap millions.

Q: What can you do after clearing IAS ?

A: You can roam in lal batti car  and can sense immense respect in the eyes of People for you.


These are obvious answers. But i am going to give you an example where a confused man cleared both and eventually drifted toawards his ultimate goal . This is the story of a person who wanted to bring a change but was not clear how will he achieve it.

Arvind passed out of IIT Kharagpur at the age of 21 and and joined TATA steel not because he chose it, but because destiny placed him there. After 4 years he realized he was not made for this and should do something bigger and more meaningful than it.

In year 1992 Arvind quit the job at TATA steel and joined Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata. People laughed at him and said that “Samaaj sewa ka bhoot chada hai launde ko”. He spent 3 years in missionary and thought he should be at  position where he can serve more directly to people.

And my friends the only job in india where you can do Samaj Sewa or eat Samaj Mewa (It depend upon your choice) is Obviously Indian Administrative services. So he gave IAS but couldn’t fetch a high rank and he was forced to join Indian
revenue services, where you can deal with upper class of society. So again Arvind reached at a place which he didn’t wanted.

Arvind was still searching his Goal. In due course of working as an Income tax commissioner he found out that the major reason of prvailing corruption in india is due to lack of transparency in Govt.  organizations.

As men of these kind always believe that they can change things, he founded Parivartan in year 2000 ( a Delhi based citizens’ movement which works on ensuring  transparent and accountable governance.)

Ultimately in year 2001 along with Aruna Roy and others, he  campaigned for the Right to Information Act (RTI), which soon became a silent social movement and eventually Indian Parliament passed the RTI in 2005.

Arvind found what he wanted and he achieved it. He brought about a change. A change which led to the uncovering of many hidden scams and forced the Government departments to become more transparent. It was like an offline wikileaks where leaks where requested from the government departments itself by the people.


Now when Arvind  tasted the feeling of being an agent of change. He thought about moving to the next level.

In year 2011 he along with Anna hazare started Jan lokpal movement. Anna hazare became the face of the movement but this man kept working hard going to remote places , campaigning for why it was much needed. People connected like anything in this movement and eventually parliament have to bend to the demands sensing immense support.

So , there is one more thing you can do after clearing IIT  and IAS. You can sleep on railway platforms with a reynolds pen in your pocket to become an agent of change.

Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal sleeping on the railway platform while campaigning

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