Audio / Sound Popping on in Windows 10 [SOLVED]

Many Windows 10 and 7 users have started reporting incidents of a pop sound emerging from the audio output device, if you are facing this same issue don’t be alarmed, this issue can be easily fixed.

Wondering How to Get it Fixed?

There are 3 simple fixes that help you if you want the problem fixed. Work your way from the solutions given below and  see which solution solves your problem. The solutions are:

  • Minimum Processor State to 100%
  • ATI HDMI Audio
  • DPC High Latency issue

Tip: The below written steps can also be used for Windows 7 as well.

Set Processor usage to 100%

A driver issue could be causing the pop sound to come out from your speaker and/or headphone. To update your driver:

1) Click on the start menu button and from the left pane click on the gear icon. Your settings page will open.

2) Click on the first tile that says system and then navigate to Power & Sleep from the left pane.

Screenshot 2



3) Scroll down and in the Related settings section click on Additional Power Settings.


Screenshot 3



4)  Click change plan settings for the power plan you have chosen and then select change advanced power settings.

Screenshot 1


5) Scroll down and expand the Processor Power management section and also expand Minimum processor state. Change the Minimum Processor state to 100% and apply the settings.


Screenshot 6


6) Test your audio output device now, if you can still hear the pop sound continue reading this guide.

Disable ATI HDMI Audio

Sometimes ATI HDMI Audio device can be the reason for the audio popping out from your device, Disabling the device ensures it is not the culprit. Follow these steps to disable ATI HDMI Audio:

1)Press the Windows logo key and S together on your keyboard and then search for Device Manager.


Screenshot 7


2) Expand the Sound, video and game controllers category and right-click  on ATI HDMI Audio device driver disable device. If you can’t complete this step for some reason follow the steps given below to fix your problem.


Screenshot 8


DPC Latency

Even high latency can be the issue of your many audio problems including the popping sound. To ease up the work there is a software called DPC Latency checker which helps to monitor your system and gives the reason for the high latency.

1) Download the DPC Latency Checker software, follow the steps to install the software and then run it.

2) This is as self-explanatory as it gets, if you see green bars only then your system is in proper condition.

3) If you spot red bars then a device is causing some issue and the tool will also show you the name of the device that is failing. Follow the steps below to fix this issue.

Follow the steps written in step 2 to know how to disable specific devices in device manager.

If disabling the device fixes the problem you might need to reinstall the drivers for that specific drivers.

You will have to update all drivers that require update.