Automatic link building when someone copy your content


Plagiarism is a very big problem posed to bloggers. Usually it become very frustrating by seeing your hard work reproduced elsewhere. You think too hard and take lot of time for writing beautiful blog post , and someone easily comes and copy and paste it to his blog or website. Its hard to get your content copyrighted and even if its copyrighted, its hard to fight cases for things online where there are no geographical boundaries.

How will you know your content is copied elsewhere or not ?

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How to feel happy when someone copy your blog content ?

Just create an account at Tynt and you will get a script which you will have to put in your blog or website. Thats all. Now people copying your content will also copy a back link to your blog in default.

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Advantages of using Tynt

  • Automatic link building from your content thieves
  • Credit for your work so that reader finds you.
  • Its Free.