Best traffic exchange programs for picture blogs

Blogs containing pictures are the biggest looser in adsense arena. If you have a picture focussed website, whether it be a celeb or wallpaper website or a funny pics blog or a forwarded email collection portral, whatever it is , 99% chances are that it fall in the entertainment category. This results in industry lowest eCPM for Adsense and similar advertising programs. Picture focussed blogs don’t have much text in them, hence lesser search engine visitors.

Zaparena is a website which shows other’s website picture thumbnails on your website and your website thumbnails on others. In this way they act as a traffic exchange and also claim to give double traffic what you send to them. First time, i thought it was a marketing trick to say unachievable claims, but i got satisfied by receiving 173% of the traffic in return.

If you check the make earning option, paid ads will be shown and you can earn from them as well. The payment is through PayPal.


All you have to do is to create a widget and geta JavaScript code after defining the dimensions of the area in which the thumbnails will appear. Even if you don’t earn money, Zaparena can be useful in making your content discoverable on different websites. Getting just traffic is also not a bad idea.

Let me tell you how i got benefited and liked the program . 99% of the visitor on my website were from india and i was heavily frustrated by this fact. I wanted traffic from higher income group country for higher adsense revenue. But after this traffic exchange program i started getting 3k visitor daily with different countries by sending only 1.5k visitors. It was giving away oly 1000 poor indians in return of 3000 international visitors. I would not have achieved this target from doing adwords as doing an adword campaign in US would have costed my bike.

zaparena earning snapshot

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The other programs which i haven’t tried but are equally good are given below :

  1. mgid
  2. Gumgum
  3. 2leep