What you don’t know about the biggest blogger on Earth

Almost 90% of the Tech Bloggers know Michael Arrington. For those who don’t, he is the living blogging icon on earth running TechCrunch with an annual income of $10 million on a blogging platform named as WordPress. Below are some facts which you may want to know about –

1. Initially Michael wanted to be an entrepreneur himself and he tried 4 times for it. Although his startups done reasonably well but Micahael was looking for thing he really wanted to do. The thing he loved. One day Michael started a Blog named TechCrunch in his backyard and started writing about entrepreneurs. And you can see the man became the biggest blogging entrepreneur on the planet by just writing about entrepreneurs.

2. Recently AOL acquired  TechCrunch. Who would have thought that one day Blogs will become so powerful that they will become an acquiring pursuit by a large web2.0 company.

3. Founder of internet startups keep sending fedexes or pay a visit just in a hope that Michael may make their Voices heard.

4. Apart from 50 million dollars he also have acquired 50 pounds of weight via Blogging.

5. He sleeps only 3-4 hours a day and make it up in the weekends.

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