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blogging trend

There are two kind of bloggers in this world. One write for their readers and the other one write for search engines. If you will look at the blogging hierarchy , on one end a Blogger sits writing unique and insightful content and on the other end a blogger sits reproducing his content.

One blogs , other follows.

One writes, other rewrites.

Believe me or not 99% of the blogging is about rewriting the written.

On one end there are Hard working bloggers like TechCrunch, Mashable,Readwriteweb,thenextweb, Gigaom like blogs where a full fledged blogging team are tracking each and every tech updates in the world. Michael arrington of Tech crunch is visiting the silicon valley seminars for sniffing updates.  Mashable Blogging team is constantly monitoring web 2.0 for new trends in Social media. Engadget is breaking stories for new launches of envious Gadgets.

Bloggers sitting at the other end are not doing any of the things explained above. They have just subscribed the above blogs in Google reader.

Amazing but true it happens that most of the copy bloggers reach at high rank and reap high profit. People don’t want to know who broke the story earlier or whose story is truly original. Its not like Tv news Channels where breaking a story with a time lag of 5 seconds can put your trp down.

In internet its catching the search train where Authority blogs are engines and rest of the blogging world are boogies.

Now how does this happen let me explain you by example.

Let me discuss with you Nokia N8 story.

  • 01:10 p.m. – Nokia announced the release of Nokia N8.
  • 01:15 p.m. – Engine Blogs started the train by writing a post about the announcement.
  • 01:20 p.m. – Copycat bloggers saw the story via Google reader or twitter.
  • 01:25 p.m. – The whole Blogging world is writing posts about it.
  • 04:00 p.m. – People heard the story via friends and they started searching for it in Google.

  • 04:30 Google trend started increasing for the search term that is Nokia N8.
  • 05:00 p.m. Gooogle became hungry for keyword Nokia N8 and he started eating all copycat bloggers freshly written posts including the original authors.
  • 2 days later : The internet become filled with stories of Nokia N8. Google ate enough of it and he is satisfied.
  • 3 days later: You decided to write a post about Nokia N8. You are late. You missed the train.

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