Why Blogs with same alexa rank have different revenue

You must have seen bloggers like shoemoney and johnchow making $50,000 per month blog profitwith alexa rank around 6000. But i have also seen bloggers like harsh agarwal with a better alexa rank earning only $3500/ month .

Now this looks pretty ironical , a blogger having more traffic is earning ten times less than another blogger having lesser traffic.

Actually the revenue of the blog depends upon three factors :

Topics – Its pretty easy to understand that if you will write on high paying topics like web hosting or car reviews, your adsense ads will show ads related to them which in turn will be willing to pay high for a single click. Once clicked this ads will pay you very high. For example web hosting ads sometimes give $5 per click and like that.

But if you are writing about celebrities, then your ads will be of low paying type and you will not earn much from clicks or impression in that case. So clearly choosing topics is very important for a high earning blog.

Visitor Demography – Demography of the visitor is a big factor for ad revenues. A blog having more US traffic will surely extract more revenue from ads as compared to a blog where visitors are from poor countries like india . Remember rich visitors (Specially from USA) are having more online buying potential. But indian traffic is very less willing to spend online and thus once they click on ads , chances are very low that advertiser will get benefited from them.

Monetization -Monetization means extracting your blog well for earning profits. You should explore each and every area from which profit can be earned. Bloggers like john chow and shoemoney earn very much from writing sponsored reviews, affiliate programs and other unexplored tricks.

  • Shoemoney earns $10,000 from just tweeting tweets about products.
  • Johnchow earns $15,000 from his huge rss subscribers list.

I have seen many bloggers specially indians having big faith on Adsense. The trick is to explore other ways to have more share in their income online.

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