Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 10 [Solved]

Bluetooth is a great tool for file sharing and connecting devices wirelessly. But, in Windows often Bluetooth did not work or you can not connect any device to your computer. Many users are facing this issue and finding it difficult to resolve this issue. So, we have gathered these methods to help you get back Bluetooth on your computer.

Method 1 – Windows Troubleshooter

Window Troubleshooter is an official windows program that detects the error in hardware or software and tries to fix it. Follow these steps to find the issue by Troubleshooter.

STEP 1 – Open Run box by pressing Windows and R keys together. Type control in the text box and hit Enter.


Control Run


STEP 2 – Click on Troubleshooting.





STEP 3 – Click on Hardware and Sound.


Hardware And Sound


STEP 4 – You will find a list of hardware here, locate Bluetooth and click on it. A pop-up window of Bluetooth troubleshooting will open.


Bluetooth Troubleshooting


STEP 5 – Click Next and it will start detecting the issue with your Bluetooth and fix it for you. If not fixed then at least it will give you the error about your Bluetooth so you can fix the issue.


Bluetooth Problem Fix


Method 2 – Uninstall Bluetooth driver and Reinstall

If your Bluetooth driver is faulty then it can result in the non working of Bluetooth on your computer. You have to reinstall it to remove the faulty driver and replace it with working drivers.

STEP 1 – Right click on windows button and select Device Manager.


Device Manager


STEP 2 – Locate Bluetooth in the list, Right click on your Bluetooth device and select to uninstall.


Bluetooth Driver Uninstall



STEP 3 – Click on Uninstall to confirm.


Bluetooth Driver Uninstall Confirn


STEP 4 – Reboot your computer. It will install the driver again on your computer.


Method 3 – Check Windows Services


Windows Services is the essential program that has to be always running for better performance and smooth running of Windows. Bluetooth has also its own Service which has to be running for working of Bluetooth. If your Bluetooth service is stopped then it is the cause of the issue, you can Check the status of the services by following steps.


STEP 1 – Open Run box by pressing Windows and R keys together. Type service.msc and hit Enter.


Run Services


STEP 2 – Locate Bluetooth Support Services from the services list. Right click on it and choose to restart.


Restart Blurtooth Services


STEP 3 – Double click on it and properties window will be open up. Select automatic option is startup type and clicks OK.


Automatic Startup


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