Bye Bye Tweetmeme , Get tweet button from twitter

Twitter success was so huge that the websites which were built on twitter also became huge success. Tweetmeme was such a website which allowed users to put a retweet button on their website . This button allowed visitors of the blog to retweet directly from there and also to see how many time this stroy was tweeted.

twitter retweet button

Now twitter have announced official tweet button which users can directly put on their website or blog and thus can see the tweet counter directly from twitter. Previously it was fshare buttons from Facebook and now twitter is going for it.

The official announcement will literally kill tweetmeme and will shut down its future prospects. Come to think of it , if the big daddy is itself providing a retweet button , who will want a third party in between. In next month all the bloggers and webmasters will start removing the green button and will opt for blue one.

Here is link to get tweet button from twitter .. Official tweet button from twitter

Below is how tweetmeme started from zero and reached on a world rank of 300 which made everyone jealous.

tweetmeme graph

Now i am not anĀ astrologerĀ but i have made some prediction for the next three months for them. I think most of you reading this post will agree on the graph below for tweetme.

tweetmeme future graph

Who knows next in the line are websites like twitpic.

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