How to Calculate Adsense revenue with Alexa rank

Poking inside someone’s pocket or bank account is difficult and so is the case when you want to estimate adsense income of a blog or website. Everyone don’t display analytics stats on their website, so people keep guessing adsense revenue of bloggers and webmasters. Only tool to access the earning potential of a blog is Alexa. But that too only tells you the relative ranking but will not tell you the approximate stats. Here i have tried to approximate adsense income via Alexa.

STEP 1 First go to the alexa rank of any website by going to You will reach on a page which will show the traffic rank graph of the website like given below.

Alexa rank

STEP 2 – Click on the reach tab indicated by arrow in the figure given above. You will get a graph like given below.

Alexa reach

STEP 3 – Note down yesterday or 7 day average or whichever is available. This figure is known as User reach percentage  and indicates the percentage of internet users visiting this website daily out of total internet users in the world. Lets calculate number of internet users visiting this website ( Yesterday reach is 0.034%  here.

Total number of internet users in the world ( 2010 ) = 2.0 Billion = 200 ,00,00,00

Number of users visiting = 200,00,00,00 * 0.03 /100 = 60,000 , we are being conservative here by taking 1/10th of alexa reach percentage assuming alexa tracks 105 of internet traffic.

Thus we got a Alexa formula here , all we have to do is to multiply ” reach value ” with 20,00,000 and we will get total number of visitors visiting that website daily.

STEP 4 – Now the next step is to click on the Pageviews/users tab and get the average page views per users for that website.

alexa page views

Now here the average page view per user for this website in the figure is 3.900000, i.e. 3.9 page view per user.

Hence total page impression = 60,000 * 3.9 = 2, 34, 000 for

Final Step – After we got the total page impression for a website, we can get the total revenue of that website if we knew Adsense ecpm for that website.  Adsense revenue differ with category and demography of websites .For those who don’t know eCpm , its average revenue per 1000 impressions. Now here we will have to look that in which category the website falls.

  1. Entertainment –  [ Celebrities, jokes, SMS, wallpapers, ringtones etc ] – Average eCpm = $1
  2. General – [Politics, Health, jobs etc] – Average eCpm = $2.5
  3. Tech – (Gadgets , PC Tips , web design  etc ) = $4 writes on a variety of topic  hence average eCpm will be $2.5 here. The page impression we calculated is 2,34,0000.

Hence  the total income from adsense from is equal to ecpm * page impression .

$ ( 2.5 * 2,34,000 / 1000 ) = $522/ day

Hence the Answer to the total income perday for is $522 / day. That translates to a whopping $15,000 per moth approximately. Thats a hell lot of money you can earn from blogging and that too in india.

Some people may argue that the adsense income given on is lower from the figure quoted here. For those i just want to say that Amit gives a lot of share of his advertising to other adsense alternatives like kontera and other affiliates. That surely takes your clicks away from Adsense and decreases CTR. The figure i calculated here only gives statistics when solely Adsense is used. Even if my calculation seems wrong, blame it on Alexa.


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