Click the like Button below marketing technique

Facebook like button are liked everywhere on web. Great articles get promoted to your page informing your fiend that you have liked something and they like to see what you liked.

One day i went to a link saying “Shocking hidden message inside google logo “. Now thats an intriguing title and 9 out of 10 people will want to visit that link that is here.

On visiting the link you will come to know that if you will click on the like button below you will find out what is the secret behind the message. On clicking the like button nothing willfacebook like happen except one thing, that you will close the window feeling irritated. But you have shared the story with your friends.

Now same story will get repeated with your 10,000 friends. In this way this kind of trick will go viral.

Now the question is whats the purpose behind these tricks as there are no ads on that page? How are they planning to reap the profits?

The answer to the question is that once they make it a large traffic, they will either redirect it their product websites, or will put ads to earn revenue.

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