Dhoni – From Aspeaker phone to Hayabusa

Life changes and times changes for all of us. Heading somewhere we end somewhere unexpectedly, but not like this small town boy who is the most lucky person in india.

In year 2000 on one boring evening i was sitting with my friend munnu on my rooftop. We were discussing a news block on the bottom most corner of the sports page. It was a kind of news block intended to give the least importance to news articles which are not important at all. For e.g.  some one killed someone with a hansua or a buffalow fell in to the well in narkatiya village etc.

In one of the blocks it was written that railway won and one player named dhoni made a double century in a one day match. I and munnu as we were kind of people who are known  to curse the system, we started abusing indian cricket board for not giving chance to a bright kid from jharkhand.

God listened to us and dhoni got selected in Indian team , he returned to meet his friends. This was the biggest achivement of dhoni so far in his life. No one had thought of him being a part of indian cricket team, Not so early. Here is a small video when he returns home and goes to ground in ranchi on a sunny afternoon.

Its the year 2010 , ten years from that date . A lot have changed in the world. The world have moved from aspeaker phone (as quoted by dhoni at the end of  the video as if its the most envious gadget in the world)  to iPhones. But the largest distance has been covered by this guy with a refrigerator in his head which enables him to become the coolest captain ever in indian cricket. Apart from being a sport icon , he also became one of the top earning sportspersons today.

Below is video which shows his exact changed situation.

We all want to be famous and kiss the ass of destiny, but the problem is not what we choose but what we do is choosen by people or not. Dhoni is nothing  more than a talented sportsperson , but the thing is that he plays cricket and that too in india. Where a cricketer is seen like God. Dhoni is no less than a God and its the year 2010 and i am being jealous ….

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