How to disable Windows 10 search services

Here in this article , i will tell you how to disable windows 10 search services. If you disable windows 10 search , the search indexing and caching functionality will be disabled. Although windows 10 search will still function. Most of the times , it is done to improve windows 10 performance as windows 10 search services eats up a lot of memory in background. Lets see how to disable it.

Disable windows 10 search temporarily

Step 1 – Open command prompt as administrator.

Step 2 – Execute the command given below.

net.exe stop "Windows search"

Cmd Stop Windows Search

Note – This only disables it temporarily and it starts itself again as soon as windows reboot next time. To start it manually again execute the command:-

net.exe start "Windows search"

Disable windows 10 search permanently

Step 1 – Search services.msc in windows 10 taskbar search.

Step 2 – Click on services.




Step 3 – Now, find windows search entry from the list.

Step 4 – Double click on it. Choose startup type as disabled from the dropdown.

Step 5 – Click on stop. Finally press OK.

Disable Windows 10 Search



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