How To Download Facebook or Youtube Videos With

How to download Facebook or Youtube videos without any software:- Facebook now lets you watch videos from normal browsers. Watching is easy of course. But Facebook has no Download button like the Play button or the Pause button to download videos. This often creates a confused user. We mostly end up depending on some third party software to download the videos from Facebook. I can say that the situation is not different for Youtube as well. So is there a way to download videos from Youtube or Facebook without depending on any third party software? Of course yes! Read on, to learn this simple hack.


  • To download a video from Facebook, find the video first.



  • Now simply right click on any part of the video that you want to download. A context menu having the options Play, Unmute and Show video URL appears. You need to click on the option that says Show video URL.



  • Now a small text box appears with the URL that you requested. You need to copy this URL.



  • To download the video that you have selected, navigate to the site You can simply click here to get to the said site. Once you are there, you need to paste the URL that you have copied from the fourth step into the text box that says Just insert a link. Once you are all done, hit Download button. And yes, you can choose the quality of the video file to be downloaded as shown in the screenshot.



  • If you want to download a Youtube video, you can follow the same steps. Just like before, go to Youtube, copy the video URL and get the video from If you do not know how to get the URL of a Youtube video, take the following screenshot as a reference.


So that’s how easy downloading a video from Facebook or Youtube is. Try out the trick today itself. Hope you had fun reading the article.