Facebook advertising vs Google adwords

Facebook is number 2 ranked website in world with huge number of users. People in US open and check their facebook updates even before picking up toothbrushes. Initially for kids it have spread to all age groups and interests but a large number of users are sill from schools and colleges.

Nowadays people are experimenting with facebook ads as compared to Google adwords. Reason being Adwords are sometime way beyond your wallet’s reach for certain keywords.

Whatever you choose,  but choose it in accordance with your product need. Its not like that this is better or that is not. Its about what is better for you.

Why Facebook ?

  • Advertising on facebook is cheap as compared to adwords. On an average it costs one fourth of the amount you spend on Google.
  • You can refine your ad serving much better in facebook as compared to google. You can choose age, interests, location etc. on facebook.
  • With Google adwords (Search advertising) you can only target users who want your product. But you will never reach users who don’t know about your product. Its a sort of demand creation.
  • Facebook ads are quite effective for love and dating websites.

Why Google ?

  • Visitors generated can be more targeted and engaging.
  • Google is for conversion while facebook is for building brands.
  • Scalable results can be achieved in very short span of time, but you should have that thing called money.