Fix A command is not recognised as an internal or external command in Windows 10

A noticeable fact is that when we try to open a program by running its command through the Run window, it executes immediately. The reason is that Windows OS stores a list of the paths to these files at a path. This list is called “Windows Environment Variables.”

When any changes are made to this file or anything goes wrong with it, the user won’t be able to run those commands from the Run window. This could lead to work stoppage, thus it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. When a user tries to open a program in this condition, he/she gets the error:


<Name of program> command is not recognized as an internal or external command.



This issue could also occur with the Run command itself, thus making the resolution even more difficult.

Step 1] Check if the program actually exists in the system

Since you might not be able to Run the program, try checking if its .exe file exists at the location  C:\Windows\System32\. This directory contains the system files of all applications installed on the system.


System32 Folder


Step 2] Modify Environment Variables


1] Right-click on the Start button and select System.System In Start Menu


2] On the right-pane, select System info under Related settings.

System Info


3] In the System information window, select Advanced system settings in the left-pane.


Advanced System Protection



4] Click on Environment variables to open the Environment variables window.

Environment Variables


5] Under System Variables, locate Path. Select it and then select Edit.



6] Search for the directory path %SystemRoot%\system32.

System 32 Directory


7] If it is not present, click on New and write the entry %SystemRoot%\system32.

8] Click on OK to save the settings.

9] Reboot the system and it would fix your issue.

Hope it helps!

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