Fix ! Airplane Mode Not Turning Off Issue in Windows 10

How to Fix Airplane Mode Not Turning Off Issue in Windows 10: – Microsoft introduced Airplane mode feature in Windows 8. In a smartphone, the Airplane mode enables you to turn off cellular services as well as other wireless services like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In Windows Airplane mode does similar work. What if your system is taking too long to connect to a Wi-Fi network or is unable to pair with another Bluetooth enabled device? Sometimes just turning on Airplane mode and turning it back to off mode fixes the issue. But in Windows 10 the Airplane mode feature faces many issues. The main issue is that, once you have turned on Airplane mode, clicking on the Airplane mode tile in the Action Centre would not turn off Airplane mode. This issue doesn’t happen always. But sometimes this irritates the users. Another issue with Airplane mode is that the Airplane mode icon in the system tray on the taskbar refuses to disappear even after you turn off Airplane mode. These issues can be fixed very easily by following the methods explained in this article.

Screenshot (4)

Method 1 – Turning off Airplane mode Under settings

  • Open Settings from the left pane of the start menu

Screenshot (6)

  • After launching Settings click Network & Internet

Screenshot (7)

  • Click on Airplane mode. Change the toggle button under Turn this on to stop all wireless communication to off position to turn off Airplane mode. After turning off Airplane mode, ensure that Wi-fi and Bluetooth toggle buttons are turned on.

Screenshot (8)

Method 2 – Turning on Wi-Fi under Settings

Even after following method 1 if you are unable to turn off Airplane mode from Action Centre try out steps explained below.

  • Navigate to Settings -> Network & Internet as explained in the previous method.
  • Click on Wi-Fi. Turn on the Wi-Fi toggle button. Now you can see all the available networks.

Screenshot (10)

  • Now click on the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect and tap on Connect. If you have configured your PC to automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network then your PC will automatically connect to that network after turning on WI-Fi.Screenshot (12)

Method 3 – Removing Airplane mode icon from System tray

As mentioned, sometimes the Airplane mode icon may not disappear even after turning off Airplane mode. So, follow the steps below to get rid of the icon from system tray.

  • Open Windows explorer or any folder.
  • Now press Control + Shift + Esc to launch task manager. If the task manager is opened with limited details, click on More details to view all running processes.

Screenshot (13)

  • Under Apps section find Windows Explorer right click on it. From the expanded menu select select Restart.

Screenshot (14)

Restarting Windows Explorer will refresh the icons in the system tray. Now the Airplane mode icon will vanish anyway.