Fix Error 1005 ‘Access Denied’ Error message while opening Websites on Windows PC

Websites have their own policies and they can restrict certain users from accessing them. While at times they might have reasons for the same, it could be that the users are restricted due to issues with the system. One such case os with the error:

Error 1005 ‘Access Denied’

Error 1005 ‘access Denied’


The causes of this error are as follows:

1] The website has blocked a certain region (eg. some website owners do not want users from Asia to access their websites).

2] The website has blocked an entire IP range.

3] Incorrect date and/or time.

4] VPN service being used has been blocked by the website.

5] User’s IP address has been blacklisted by Cloudflare.

Proceed with the following solutions:

1] Correct the Date and Time on the system

2] Uninstall the VPN service and use another one

3] Disable Proxy Server

Solution 1] Correct the Date and Time on the system

If the Date and Time on the system is incorrect, the website in discussion might consider it suspicious and block the user from accessing it. The Date and Time could be changed as follows:

1] Search for Control Panel in the Windows Search bar and open it.

Search For Control Panelin The Windows Search Bar


2] Select Date and Time from the options.

Date And Time In Control Panel


3] Correct Date and Time.

You can also go to Internet time tab, click on Change settings.

Internet Time Change Settings


4] Check the box for Synchronize with an Internet time server.

5] Select and finally click on update now.

Choose Internet Time Server

6] Click on Update now and then on OK to save the settings.

Solution 2] Uninstall the VPN service and use another one

Some VPN services like TorGuard and Tunnel Bear are known to be blacklisted by many websites. They could be replaced with another VPN service for this reason.

Solution 3] Disable Proxy Server

At times,the Proxy Server could be the cause for the website blocking the IP address of the user. Here’s how we could disable the Proxy Server.

1] Press Win + R to open the Run window and type the command ms-settings:network-proxy. Press Enter to open the Proxy Settings window.

Network Proxy Run Command


2] Turn the switch OFF for Use a proxy server.


Proxy Server Settings 1


Solution 4] Contact the website administrator

Once we have tried fixing things with the operating system and it hasn’t worked, we could consider contacting the website administrator to request unblocking of the website.

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