Fix GeForce Experience Error ERROR CODE: 0x0001 on Windows 10

Many users are reporting that when they are trying to Open GeForce Experience, they get an Error saying:

Something Went Wrong. Try Rebooting Your PC and then launch GeForce Experience.ERROR CODE: 0x0001

Here is a simple and easy method to fix this.

Fix 1 – Using Service manager

1.  Search Services.msc in Windows 10 taskbar search.

2. Now, Click on Sevices icon to open service manager


Services Manager (2)



3. Once the service manager Windows Opens Up, Locate Nvidia Telemetry Container


Nvidia Telemetry Container Telemetry Min (1)

4. Choose Log On Tab.

5. Now, Choose Local System Account radio button.

6. Check the box saying Allow Services to Interact with Desktop.

7. Click on Apply.


Allow Local Services To Interact With Desktop Min


Now, Close Service manager window. Now , try to Open GeForce Experience. Your Problem will get fixed surely.

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