Fix Headphones Not Showing Up in Playback Devices on Windows 10

Sometimes we want to connect headphones to our Desktop/Laptop and enjoy our favourite movie but if headphones don’t give any sound you will definitely get annoyed.

Many users are facing this problem on their Windows 10 computer. But don’t worry, We will help you to recover from this issue, just follow below solutions you will able to use your headphones.

But before troubleshooting, check that you don’t have any hardware issue. Most of the desktop has two headphone jacks if your desktop has another jack plug-in headphone and check that it is working or not. Also, check that your headphones are working or not by plugging it into another computer or smartphone. If you have hardware issues this methods will not work for you and you have to visit repair shop and get checked your computer.


Method 1 – Enable playback device from sound settings

STEP 1 – Open Control Panel and look for Sound settings. Click on Sound settings.


Sound Settings


STEP 2 – You will see a list of playback devices available there. If your headphones are not showing in the list right click and check on Show Disabled Devices and Show Disconnected Devices.



Sound Settings Playback Devices


STEP 3 – Right click on Headphone and select Enable.


Enable Playback Device


STEP 4 – Click OK.

This method will enable your Headphone and your headphone should work fine now. If your issue still remains sound driver may be the problem. Follow below method to reinstall audio driver.

Method 2 – Re-install Audio Driver

STEP 1 – Right Click on Windows button and Open Device Manager.


Device Manager


STEP 2 – It will open Device Manager window, find Sound, Video and game controllers from the list and Expand it.


Sound, Video And Game Controller



STEP 3 – Select your audio device (i.e. Realtek High Definition Audio) from the list and open Properties from Right Click menu.


Sound Driver Properties


STEP 4 – Move to the Driver tab and Click Uninstall.


Unistall Audio Driver


Reboot your device after finishing the process. It will install your audio driver again and solve your problem.