Google Ajax search box on same page with your Adsense ads

Customized look Google Ajax search box with Your Adsense Ads.

Those old search boxes you implemented on your website had many disadvantages.

  1. It looked like Shit.
  2. The button looked odd.
  3. Another page loaded to show the result.
  4. It took much time in implementing it.

If you look at the end of this post, a nice looking ajax search box from Google is shown below. Try it by searching anything in it.

Like it ? Wanna put that in your blog and website.

Go to Google search box :

google search box

In the options select “Search my site and use Adsense for search” and give your adsense Pub id in the relevant form. Thats it. You are done.

No need to customize the size of this search box. It automatically fits to width of the place where it is dropped.

Also you can select various looks which suits you and your website mood. I liked Bubblegum. Whats your take ?