How does Google determine your search engine ranking position ?

In this post i will not describe Google search engine ranking factors, but i will tell you why on a keyword search you rank second or third with respect to other websites or Blogs.

How does Google determine your search engine ranking postions ?

Suppose you are trying to find something through search engine. 99% chances are you will click on the first search result. Not satisfied with the results you will click on the second result and so on.

Suppose third search result satisfies you then you will stay there for a while and Google will get to know that you liked it.

Let us learn by an Example

Suppose you want to buy a house and i send you to to five houses consecutively. You go to first house and return from the front door, you again go to the second door and return from the window, but when you go to say third house and enter the house, visits more rooms inside and take time, what will i think ?

I will think that you liked the third house and its good …

Suppose you come out of the third house after taking time but go on to the other house as well, what will i think ?

I will think that you liked the third house but still searching, means its satisfactory up to a point …

Same way Google determines that you went to the right place by three factors namely –

1. Time spent on the search result.

2. Satisfaction level , i.e. if the user comes out and click on other search results as well.

3. Bounce Rate.

What exactly is Bounce rate ?

When someone comes to your website or blog by landing at one of your page and he don’t open any other page of you blog by any of the reasons given below is known as bounce rate –

  • He close the browser.
  • He hit the back button.
  • He Clicks on an Ad and goes away.

Note: – Bounce rate will also zero for a visitor if he remains on your page for sufficient time.

So, you just founded out that how Google founds out that search engine users love you and thus determine that in what place you should be.

OK ! But what should you do about it ?

1 . Before writing any post , first take a deep breath and think that why the hell you are writing the post. After finding out the motive of the post from search engine user point of view, give your best to write a satisfying post.

2.  Make use of related posts and articles on a page so that users like them as well and clicks on other posts as well. This will decrease your bounce rate.

3. Make your title of the post attractive and compelling so that user clicks you , leaving the search result above you. Google will accept his mistakes and will surely push you up.

Note – In the figure adding “9 inch” phrase provokes search engine user to click the result and thus Google thinks that it is a better search result and pushes it up.


Thus you should always write honestly with heart to make sure that people love you and Google get to know that people are loving you.


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