How can you use Google Adwords tool for keyword research

SEO is the art of luring Google. To make him like your blog is very slow and lengthy process. You will build links and add more content like a maniac on your blog and the Big Daddy will not even look at your effort. These are his ways and they may become frustrating sometime.  But never mind as Google have its own sets of tools to help you out in doing effective keywords research and cutting competition to reach him.

Google Adwords related Keywords tool

Actually built to help their adwords customer to find more competitive keywords to add to their Adwords campaign, it can act as a great free tool for your keyword research. You can easily find related keywords from this tool. You can also estimate the search volume (How many time a particular keyword is searched over internet ) for different keywords.

Click on the Advance options and select your country. Now when you will search a keyword in this tool, Global monthly searches will give you the total number of searches in whole world and local monthly searches will indicate the total number of searches in your country.

google adwords keyword

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Q. Where  these related keywords  can be used ?

  • You can use it in designing meta keywords or meta description for your website. if you are blogging on wordpress or blogspot you can add effective tags and labels for great Search engine rankings.
  • While choosing domain name of your new blog or website , you can find which keyword have high search volume and you can go for it.
  • Finding topics for your blog with related keywords. Search your topics ( on which you have written till now ) in this tool  and you will get related topics on which you haven’t written till now. For example if you write about Paris, with this tool you can find that you haven’t yet written about her tape.

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