How Christian Owens made million dollars at 14 years of age

Christian Owens lived in Northamptonshire and got his first computer at the age of seven. At 14 he founded a website selling mac os applications at one tenth of the price. He convinced developers to offer the packages at low price and offered other marketing strategies like providing one extra app when buying a whole bundle.

The website sold the application in full spree and Christian made 1 million dollars in just 2 years even before his 16th birthday. Normally this is much more than what we expect in life and that too at such an age when playing “world of warcraft” is expected from us. But he launched another company named Branchr and took all the members of his family to his company. Branchr is an online advertising solutions for web publishers.Normally fathers are expected to hand over businesses to sons. But this bright kid formed a business and handed it over to his father who worked in a factory earlier.

Christian Owens

So, how is his new business performing over internet. Well in the first year he has made $8,00,000.