How i made 5 flop websites in a year

With the huge success of my first website and adsense revenue reaching $2000 mark. I started thinking about buying an Audi next year. I thought if one website gave me $2000/ month , so i will make a dozen websites like this and will be a millionaire in few years and will give more meaning to reasons of leaving my software job.

I launched 6 websites one by one and all crashed like my grades at undergrad. Now if you are going to launch a website , i strongly recommend you to learn from my mistake.

1.) – Khozoo was a job classified portal based on open source “JobberBase”. When i launched Khozoo after lot of customization , i thought one day this website will ride on the wave of user generated content and i will watch it grow to at least alexa 10k rank. SeoJobsFinder was a website based on this script and they are earning well, why couldn’t i. Someone should have told me that everyone have a software named wordpress , but some reap millions out of it and some just waste money on hosting.

So, i launched it and started building massive links for it. I was having a graphic website and i put the links of khozoo on all the pages of that website. As a result Google marked this website as spam and banned it in search engines. Now even if i typed khozoo , there was not any result from my portal.

Moral of the story never build links massively and on unrelated websites.

2.) – I built a website where users can give online tests and see his performance. It was based on Moodle script. I bought a scanner worth Rs.4k and scanned important questions , uploaded it to website and made tests.

The only mistake from this website was that moodle and the theme chosen by me was so heavy that it took years to load. I think most of the cities in india having slow internet speed was not having a potential to see this website. It never crossed the 500 visitor mark.

Lesson learned – Never try to make websites which take too much time to load.

3.) – Like others i was also jealous with success of Digg. One day i came across Pligg a clone script of Digg and  then and there i thought Audi is not far from me. I booked the domain for 5 years as i always did to have more seo advantage and also because i was very hopeful each time.

In pligg there was an option to fetch the current articles of any website , if i provided the rss feed. So i runned the cron each day and dumped 1000 articles from different websites. All of this was duplicate content which made this website lick his own a** again.

Lesson – Avoid content duplicacy.

3.) – I then researched that which keywords are searched more and came to know that people wanted to watch celebrities in awkward moments at beaches. I mean people want that thing, but as i can’t completely jump into it, but i can produce s##y photos and wallpapers of celebrities.

I pumped up thousand of photos and wallpapers on my celeb blog and never jumped 1000 visitor mark. Also adsense earnings was quite low on a entertainment blog.

Lesson – Never start a wallpaper or celeb website or blog. Although having huge search volume they never succeed because of heavy competition and low adsense earnings for entertainment blogs.

4). – I started a gadget review  blog in which i was least interested.That thing became so monotonous , reading new items each day and writing their review that i became fed up of it in one month.

Lesson – Never start a blog by seeing others, but try to run a blog according to your interest.I am not saying that if your interest is in old coin collection and you will start a blog of coin collection, you will succeed. You should have a balance between your interest and world’s interest.

5) SliceIndia – I thought of starting a classified website. I knew a close friend of mine and we both started a website SliceIndia. One day he came to me that he is afraid about the domain name ownership. I instantly changed the account and transferred the domain name to his name.

Lesson – Never try to launch a website in partnership. There will always be issues with domain ownership until and unless its going to be a registered business.

What i did after my mistakes ?

At the end of the year one day i woke up and deleted all my failed websites and my bad memories attached with them. I founded and you have read one of my post.



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