How JohnChow make money by HYPE is a blog run by John Chow and this blog post which i am writing here is not to dishonour him that is for sure. But i am going to tell you what john chow is all about. But before saying something about him , lets take a look about his stats.

John chow


Revenue Per Year – $500,000 ( As stated by him )

Number of Subscribers – 110k

Twitter Followers – 50,000

Past Record – Banned from Google some years ago as he started a spamming link exchange program. The ban was long enough to crush someone , but due to strong social media traffic he survived the absence of Search traffic.

Now what JohnChow is all about :

If a person lands on his page, he will soon realize the fact that half of the space is covered with things like how i made $5000,000 from blog and how i make $1,35,000 per month from just a single blog. Here is the trap and the person gets mesmerized and starts thinking to become another john chow. And suddenly an annoying pop up will come out of nowhere and will tell you to put email address in it so that he may send you an eBook for “making money online”. Its nothing but just another trick of the great maestro to get you subscribed.

Why i Love him and respect his marketing intelligence may be sensed from texts written below.

Most of his posts will be centered around his greatness and his money. In some posts he will tell you about how one of his posts is getting traffic from Digg, and in another he will tell you how much he earned from affiliate last year. Now in vicious circle of Make Money Online Classes offered by our great teacher Sir John, someone should ask him that where are posts which are giving insights into something useful .

Its not that he don’t write posts which are not related to him. Of course he does. But those are posts for which he had taken $500 and these articles are known as sponsored reviews.

If an article in his blog is not about him or neither its a sponsored one, then it must be about his TTZ media network (An affiliate program started by him). So, remember even if John is spitting on road , it must be for money. He takes money for everything,  from tweeting, to writing article. An intelligent man who knows how to create a hype and leverage it.

And look how in order to reveal about him,  in a way i marketed John. I have written a post centered around him provoking visitors of my blog to visit him and in a way i am also a victim of his hype.

All in all readers read to know how he make money online and he tells them how much he is making and thus reader come again and again and he finally makes more and more.

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