How manisha goswami did it with a blogspot blog

Manisha Goswami was just another girl in an IT company switching jobs . One day she started a blog named . Instead of choosing tech tips or blogging as topic for her blog, she focussed on highly searched government jobs notices in india. Finding content was not tough as employment news is always available on railway stalls.

The thing i liked about this blogger is that she never tried too hard for her blog. Without loosing focus and comprising with the initial philosophy of the blog she kept working 2-3 hours a day for her blog. Since it was a career blog others would have flooded topics like career tips, interview questions or results etc. But she like a sincere student focussed on one and only one thing. Everyday she woke up at 4:00 A.M in the morning and updated her blog with 4-5 latest government recruitment notices.

It have been 3 years from that day and manisha goswami earns more than Rs. 2 lacs / Month from Google adsense. Manisha’s blog currently have 1,58,000 subscribers and its the most visited government job portal in india . Its about talking less and doing your stuff with patience. Its about believing in what you are doing and never expecting much too early.

I am not saying you to start a job blog today. I just want you to start a blog with a channelized content with focus on certain topic, so that you can create users of a particular interest over time. It can be anything for which the world is searching around. Just open your eyes.