How to calculate the price of a website ?

We live in a world of competition, and if you are a webmaster you always live on the edge and always try to evaluate what others are doing. Here is a tool which can approximately give you a rough idea about the estimated adsense income and thus in a way tells that what exactly will be the price of this website if sold at a rate.

You can check your own blog or website value at The only limitation of this tool is that it can not evaluate subdomains.

I checked out and it turned out that  the estimated income from this blog was just below the stats quoted at has become very popular in the world these days among webmasters community. It is 4814th biggest website in the world , because of its usefulness. Below is the growth graph of .


  1. Harshit Singhal July 19, 2010
  2. jaganmangat August 14, 2010