How to convert your blogspot into a standared website address

Do you hate that extra .blogspot in your blog name. Do you wish to remove that extra .blospot from  and wanted to convert it to to make it look like a standard website address. Blogger have an option for that. Here is the step by step guide to enable you for doing that.

1. Log into your Blogger account with your user name and password. In the next screen which comes click on settings.


2. In the setting page on which you have arrived click on “publishing” at the top left screen of your blogspot page.


3. Click on buy a domain link .


4.Check out that your wished domain name is available or not in the form given. If its not available, try some diffrent combinations of it. After ensuring that its available  continue to the next step.


5. In the next screen which comes when it is ensured that your domain name is available and can be bought, continue to registration of the domain name. The registration is done By one of the biggest domain name registrar in the world on behalf of google.


6. Fill up your address details and continue to Google checkout. Uncheck the automatic renewal box if you don’t want your domain to get automatically renewed.


7. Fill up your credit card details in Google checkout if you have not earlier used google checkout and place your order. Don’t worry for storing your credit card information with google. Its safer as Paypal.


8. You are done. It takes up to 72 hours for your changes to propogate. So be patient.


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