How to build links if you are rich

I never understood Google’s philosophy of giving authority to pages which have more links pointed to itself. Suppose i am a great blogger and i write the greatest article of the century. But if no one is linking to me they will place me in 1 millionth page of search results. I know its weird, but these are rules made by search engines and we have to follow the rules if we have to survive in the blogging industry.

This kind of situation forces bloggers to go for a hunt for link exchange with bloggers and waste time on Dofollow forums and comments to gain back links. Convincing bloggers to have a link exchange is a tough task and finding a blogger of your niche with an equivalent page rank is a tougher one.

Like everything in life, there is a shortcut to this problem if you have money. There are many places where you can buy relevant links. Yes, its cruel to poor deserving bloggers of the world. But unless and untill search engine giants keep giving so much importance to back linking, the things will remain like this.

I personally believe  Google should have a look at the programs below.

  • Text-link-ads – Text-link-ads is a service where you can buy links at a fixed monthly rates and also have an option to sell links on your blog.  Google have strongly criticized text-link-ads and they have punished them in search engine results. There is no way you can search text-link-ads through google. But the business is still going on at a flourishing rate.
  • Smorty – You can hire bloggers to write about your website or blog and thus you can get paid reviews with a link attached. Smorty give you an option to approve reviews before finally accepting them and also you can choose bloggers of higher page ranks for wasting more money of your dad.
  • V7n Contextual linksWith v7n you can buy contextual links for $40 or more. The links will be inlinks on blog posts which can give you undue SEO advantage in Google race.
  • Inlinks – Inlinks is another portal which allows someone to buy links at content places which they like.
  • Buyblogreviews – Buyblogreviews is another place where you can get your blog reviewed. Thus a chance to gain links at relevant places.
  • Textlinkpro – Textlinkpro works just like text-link-ads and thus they are also in the race of being banned by big Daddy.