How to make it to Digg homepage


Although there are no shortcuts in life, but digg makes blogging path shorter. Since the day Digg was founded, its making blogs rockstar in short span of time, who frequently come on its home page.

What is Digg ?

Digg is a website where your submitted articles compete with others by voting system. The best one make it to the home page of digg and these blogs get massive referral traffic from Digg.

What are the advantage of being on the front page of Digg ?

Digg make your voices heard and takes you to the stage from invisible mode to visible one.

Whats the use of writing the best post of the century when no one reads it. If you are a newbie blogger, Google uncle also will not give you more importance. In these cases social media promotes your article and that too not by the heartless link rule of Google, but by pure democratic methods of people.

More people like your stories at twitter = More retweet at twitter of your posts = More visitors from twitter to your Blog.

More people like your stories at Facebook = More Facebook share and likes of your posts = More visits from Facebook to your Blog.

Similarly, More people like your stories at Digg = More Number of Diggs of your submitted articles  = More visits from Digg to your Blog.

But Digg is different from Facebook and Twitter. Once you come on the front page of Digg, the number of visitor turn into a flood. You can get anywhere between 50,000 to 1,00,000 visits ( if you are on the front page of Digg ) and that too in a day.

Apart from this, some of these visitors link back to you by referring your story in their blogs and that acts as an automatic SEO booster for your website.

Success from Digg in short span of time ; Any case studies ?

I have seen multiple blogs who made it to the top very early through Digg. For example Satpal of made his blog a success in just six months through Digg. If you will look closely, almost all his stories have got a minimum 50 Diggs. Below is the growth rate of his blog at alexa.

How to make it to Digg homepage ?

  1. Follow more and more people on Digg.
  2. Digg their stories, without reading it. They will Digg back you in return.
  3. Upload a good profile picture and choose a Digg user name that is easy to remember.
  4. Start submitting famous stories from reddit, twitter and stumble upon and make sure that you are getting at least 10-20 diggs every time.Don’t digg your own blog stories too early as chances are they will get buried and your blog may get banned. Once you are sure you are getting 10 diggs each time, then start submitting your own blog posts.
  5. Tutorial, list, Apple, world news ( ultra fresh) are liked very much by the Digg users.
  6. You need at least 50 Diggs to make it to the Digg front page.
  7. Watch Digg and try to leave  first or second comment at the newly digged stories on front page of Digg. These will give you exposure on Digg.
  8. Once you start making it to front page several times, you will be at front page even at 25 Diggs and it will become very easy.

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