How to post your blog RSS on facebook fan page

For how to create a fan page at Facebook tutorial Click below …
how to create a facebook fan page

After you have created a Facebook fan page you need to embed your rss feed on the fan page , so that it automatically gets updated with your post every time  you create a post. I don’t know why facebook became so successful with its most possible user unfriendly behavior. They put the important links at places where you can’t find them out. Is this challenge make them famous and let users stick with facebook?  God knows. My concern is to teach you how to feed your rss feed to fan page and auto update it.

Go on your Facebook fan page.

Step 1 – Look at the bottom left of screen. In the applications tab click on the Notes icon indicated with.

facebook icon

Step 2:  In the next page just below “Write a Note” button, you can see import a blog link. Click on the link.

facebook notes

Step 3. In the next page you can either put your direct web address or your blog rss feed to start importing your blg on facebook fan page.

What are the advantages of importing a blog on facebook

Now your story automatically gets shared with facebook users everytime. You don’t need to go at your fan page and update it.

Facebook have become the strongest form of social media to promote a blog. You must have seen fshare and become a fan badges at many great blogs. Its easy to forward and promote any interesting URL on facebook. Thus if you write a cool story and if someoe likes it, it will come in  the updates page of his friends and thus it gets promoted in a chain reaction. Great stories can go viral on facebook, just like good forwarded emails.

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