How an IIM Guy quit job to earn $1,00,000 per year from Blogging

So, my dear friends here is Chandoo and his story …

Chandoo was having everything a typical indian parent wishes his child to have. An engineering degree followed by an IIM degree and a plushy job at TCS.  And many people who fail to achieve such kind of an Indian parental dream usually say that IIM graduates waste two year of their life for learning just one thing : Making Excel sheets for the Companies.


Chandoo did exactly that , except one little extra thing. Chandoo got interested in Excel a lot . He blogged  his interest  out in night for few hours daily. With no money making plan ahead in life, he just tried to share his learned stuffs about Microsoft excel on the Internet.

When his blog started attracting considerable visitors, he thought of transforming this hobby into a full fledged earning idea. He started writing more and more about Excel and started earning through Google Adsense and selling affiliate products related to Excel.

His last year earning touched $1,00,000 mark and he is happy living a life on his own. He is happy that he left TCS and choose blogging as a career, as it gave him enough money and time for him and his family.


What have he learnt about Blogging ?

According to Chandoo, its not important to start running after those things which are heavily searched, like cricket and movies. But its important to stick to a point which you really love. In this way you can write your heart out as well as you can write for long.


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