Interesting Websites to Pass Time if you are getting Bored

There are useful  and useless  websites we covered in our blog earlier, But there is a third category of websites also (time pass sites) which can not be put in the useful category, but they are quite interesting and beautiful.Here is an endless and constantly updated list of interesting websites on internet.

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  1. 1 Billion Facebook Profile Pics on a Page

    – Keep Exploring. This URL aggregates all the facebook profile on one page and is by far one of the most interesting url i have visited so far.


    – Make your letters beat. This interesting link lets you play drum while typing letters. Go on and kill your boredom.

  3. Crazy Card Trick

    – Play this magic game and feel OMG. The card tricks presented on this website are very interesting and let you pass time easily with a wow factor.

  4. Twitter Clock

    – A clock made from twitter.

  5. Geo Guesser

    – Guess places of the world . Cool tool for geography geeks. An interesting website for students to enrich their geographical knowledge while playing the game.

  6. Stranger MeetUp

    – Chat with complete strangers across the world anonymously.


    – Find the invisible cow on the page by focusing on the audio.

  8. WikiPedia Vision

    – See live edits happening on wikipedia on Map.


    – Cool game for movie addicts.

  10. YouTube Map Explorer

    – Explore Youtube on a Google Map

  11. You are Getting Old

    – Interesting stats about your age.

  12. Chill the lion

    – Cool CSS experiment

  13. LapFace

    – Live community of people working on laptops

  14. Map Chat

    – Location based chat on a Map

  15. Asciii Camera

    – Turn your webcam into ASCII Camera

  16. WebCam Toy

    – Pretty cool webcam effects on your pic


    – Find what is on exactly opposite side of any place on earth.

  18. Gravity is fun

    – Click anywhere to create a mass. Click near to it and the two will attract each other and merge to form a single mass and go on having fun with gravity.

  19. Pixelthoughts

    – An interesting 60 seconds mediation for you

  20. Stars

    – The whole galaxy put on your browser

  21. Clickhole

    – A BuzzFeed parody website

  22. Windows 93

    – Get nostalgic and use old windows on your browser

  23. weavesilk

    – Unleash your art or draw any shape here

  24. 404 Not Found

    – Interesting 404 error page by the server itself.

  25. blitzortung

    – Live Lightening happening across the world on a map.

  26. geocitiesizer

    – Make any website look like amateurishly made in 90’s.

  27. fff.cmiscm

    – Full timepass without any motive at all

  28. Name Age Calculator

    – Find how much old your name is


    –  A Day in the life of NYC Taxi

  30. urinalman

    – real life situation you face everyday turn into a game


    – Go on your endless zoom journey. Meaningless but interesting.

  32. PointerPointer

    – Move your mouse on the page and keep there for a second. A random pic pointing your cursor will be there to tickle you. Cool time pass and fun site to hang out with.

  33. One Tiny Hand

    – A site having collection of Pics of celebritoes with a photoshopped one tiny hand. Looks simple but its fun to browse those celeb photo shopped images. Believe me.

  34. World Cam

    – Pulls out Instagram photos from the location you choose. Very useful if you are missing a place. Watch out other people snaps to revive yourself.

  35. Lame Book

    –  A collection of weird and funny things posted on facebook with the user identities blurred.

  36. 9 eyes

    – Interesting Google street views Pictures

  37. 9Gag

    – 99% chances are there that you know this website. But still completes the list completely.

This is not the complete list as i keep on constantly adding new and more awesome entries to this list and eliminates less interesting sites out. If you know any more interesting site, you can suggest in the comment box given below. So just kill your precious time with these time pass websites and i am sure that your time will get passed easily here.

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