Internet Power shift

When internet came decades ago, it was just like a directory. Browsing it was like reading a book with endless pages. Then Google came and changed the internet all together. The whole world wide web was searchable from that tiny little search box of google. People got used to it and Google became the home page of world.

From 1998 to 2008 Google dominated the world for the whole decade like the only lion in the web forest. It defined which pages, websites or blogs others should see. It made content creators millionaire and thus started a rat race where everyone was fighting to rank high in google.

Getting success on internet became entirely on how Google treated you. This led to formation of SEO as a branch of study. The Art of luring Google.

In the year 2004 Digg , the news voting websites was founded and internet first tasted the bite of democracy. It was a website where best content came up via user voting and users founded the best stuff of web.

Facebook and twitter then passed the democratic bill over internet table and started a trend of promoting voted content over them.

Now its the year 2010 and people are shifting form the search engine and spending time on the referral programs of facebook and twitter. They are reading stories retweeted and liked by people and thus discovering the internet with an all together different perspective.

Internet Today is not what you want to see, but its about what you should see.

Earlier Internet

Internet Today

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