Making money with adsense via Blogging : A Case study

One day my cousin  called me up and said he want to earn online like me and how is it possible. He was working as a primary teacher in a small village of Bihar, with no technical and programming background. I suggested him to go to and create a account and open a blogspot blog.

Navin : Which topic i should choose ?

Me : On which topics you want to write about ?

Navin : I want to have a blog, which don’t force me for regular posting. It should be a diary full of content and if one day i get fed up with blogging, even if i leave blogging , it should keep giving me money thereafter .

Me : Then you should buy a cow instead, but she too will demand food before giving milk.

Navin : Ok , but suggest me a topic.

Me : Ok , write about Tourist places in India.

Navin : well and good, i love travelling also. I will start from tomorrow.

I set up the blog for him, and did some basic routine SEO stuff like link building and social media promotion for 2-3 days. I love doing stuff for others because they become a case study for me and i get to learn a lot from them.

He started writing long articles about tourist places and below was the best analytics stats he got after writing 35 long blog posts.

He worked towards another 10 post and and his analytics account showed only 2 visitors constantly. First one was him and second one was of course me.

Navin : I should leave blogging. Its too tough and i have reached no where after destroying my lifestyle and family relationships. You told me to give only 2-3 hours but i gave each and every hour left after school.I am constantly blogging on the slowest possible internet conncection in the world. Now should i beg before google. I write a post of more than 100 words and i get no place in search engines, while i have seen the first result contains only 200 words sometime. Why this discrepancy with a new blogger like me who is trying to find his small place in this big world with billion searches.

Me : I told you , Google love older blogs and websites. Once you will get older with large number of posts, you will also get results.

Navin : I don’t want to die at keyboard growing old just for sake of Google. I quit.

Then an there i sensed something. May be navin will have to write another 10,000 posts to impress Google search engine. Why is it so and  whats wrong with his topic ?

The problem being that Google feels the urge to visit newly built blogs or websites only when he is hungry. Take the example of writing a post about new delhi. Billions of pages and posts are written about delhi. Google ate enough of it and will not give a shi$t about you writing about a topic for which google have already crawled infinite written articles. But if you will write content for which very less has been written on web, and the google is still hungry for it, he will surely pick you up.

What are these things ? Recent news are these kind of things for which people start searching and force google to go and pick related content for them. This kind of things will push a new blogger up. 100%.

Gadgets and its information was not possible for a blogger in a village in bihar, so i suggested him a job notices blog. He changed the direction of his blog and started writing 10-15 job notices each day he founded in local news papers.

Its has been one month from the date he started writing about  jobs at his blog and yesterday he rang me up to inform that his daily visits touched 400 mark and he is very happy.That translates to $50 / month from Google adsense.

I too felt happy for connecting a person living in a small village of Bihar to most unconventional and evolving income source in the world.

Latest Update (09 Oct ): The total number of visitors on his blog have reached 1500 per day and his earning touched $100 / Month mark. Thus yet another story i have seen which goes to zero to $100 in just 2 months of blogging.


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