My foolish ideas of making money online

making moneyInitially when i was quite new to adsense, like others i used to find shortcuts. Instead of starting to work towards any idea, i researched a lot about what would be the shortest path to Adsense Glory.

The problem with me was that i hated blogging. Long and cumbersome way of writing hundred of posts and that too for months and then waiting to become rich slowly from adsense. I always thought of sleeping one day on my bed and waking up in Playboy mansion.

So, i thought of Copying other blogs and pasting it to my blogs. In this way i created 1000 of posts in one week. Google hit me from back and the blogs got banned in search engines. That was my first big mistake.

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I learned that Google recognizes that i have copied the content from other blogs, as it indexes and keep the content in its server and also keeps the time at which the ontent was created. In this way it always know who wrote that first, and punishes the later copycat.

One day i saw a translate software. I suddenly thought that it will be great idea if i copy high ranked blogs of other languages like russian, french and translated it to english with a single mouse click and then copy it to my blog with another mouse click. In that way i will reproduce high quality content on my blog and i will never be caught by Google.

I was a fool. First of all translating a content never makes it readable which readers can enjoy. Secondly it revolved around a copied content which Google can know ultimately, as Google has its own translator service. So, i failed again and realized :

With copied content and shortcuts you can never rise up in Google race. There are thousands of other things like how readers like you and what are the bounce rate , your social presence and uniqueness of content.

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You can never rise up with Google by cheating him. Its the most intelligent search engine on earth and even if you will rise up in life by cheating him, it will be of short term duration. Ultimately you will get caught and your labor will go in vain.

I know some of my friends started websites and tried typing magazines word to word. Another shortcut, but will ultimately get caught by Big daddy.

The best way is to learn that like other things in life making money online have no shortcuts. You must be a regular blogger writing unique and insightful content for months to win the fight.


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