Prevent windows 10 rebooting in sleep mode to install update

Lot of users are experiencing this weird problem. Their windows 10 laptop even in sleep mode is getting restarted  for making the changes into account for updates. Now, this can be problematic as many user while travelling keep their laptops in sleep mode and in this case, they have no control on their PC,  as it will reboot and will be turned on and will keep eating battery in the process,  which they haven’t expected in sleep mode. Now let us see how to fix this problem.

Method 1 – Solve windows 10 rebooting in sleep mode

Step 1 – Press windows key + i to reach system control pane.

Step 2 – Click on update & security



Step 3 – Now, click on Advanced options.



Step 4 –  Now, select Notify to schedule restart as the option here.


Method 2 – Fix windows 10 reboots in sleep mode

Step 1 – Search Task Scheduler in the windows 10 taskbar.

Step 2 – Browse to the followoing location path from the left menu.

Task Scheduler Library –> Microsoft –> Windows –> UpdateOrchestrator

Now, Double click on Reboot as shown in the pic below. Click on conditions tab and then uncheck the option which says wake the computer to run this task.




Now, your reboot task will never wake up your oc from hibernation stage to run itself. That means your pc will not wake up to reboot itself in case of updates.


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